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Five tips to reduce your credit card debt

26th Oct 17 4:11 pm

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Credit cards have become an easy way to make a bigger transaction without paying the lump sum money at the moment of making the transaction or buying any good property. Many people think it is an advantage to pay the minimum amount of credit card bill leaving the remaining massive amount of money to be paid later which then added up to the next bill.

But this practice ends up in making you suffer from high-interest debt as you keep on accumulating your unpaid bills. You should try to keep yourself debt free as much as possible. By timely planning and organizing your needs accordingly to the budget can help a lot to reduce debt.

Probably you have to make a compelling action plan for yourself to help you in CCCR (credit card debt relief). Once in debt, you can’t manage to come out of it because it’s difficult to pay the debt amount which is going up each month with the added interest rates.

Our five best tips on how to reduce your debt will help you in making an action plan to eliminate the whole debt and keep yourself debt free. These tips are most effective ways of securing yourself from ending up in huge debt.

1.    Try to use only one card with lowest interest rate

With the payment of the minimum amount of the bill the remaining is marked up by the specific interest rates. Go through the companies offering credit cards and choose to utilize the one with the least interest rate. It will allow you to reduce the debt.

2.    Do try to pay minimum amount twice each month

If you are too tight on the budget try to pay the minimum amount of your bill each month. You can reduce your debt quickly if you make the minimum payment twice a month. It will make you pay your whole sum in much less time than if you pay the minimum amount once a month.

3.    Use money lender companies or loans

You also have an option to save your money from being given up in the interest by borrowing money as a loan from the companies with fixed lower interest rates. Use this money to clear your credit card bill and feel relief from debt.

4.    Having multiple credit cards

If you are using more than one card with different interest rates, it is advisable to pay off the higher interest rate bill and then moving to pay the lower interest rate. It will quickly save you from throwing yourself in a huge debt.

5.    Stop using your credit card

If you have ended up in heavy debt, you must stop using your credit card for further purchases. Instead, try to use cash for any purchase. Research showed using a credit card for buying can make you spend more money than buying on cash. It can make you save a little bit of money which can be used up to pay your bill or debt.

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