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Five things to consider before hiring a translation company

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18th Nov 19 9:48 am

Many businesses worldwide strive to reach their clients in their native languages. However, a language barrier could be an obstacle to the expansion of a business. This is especially true in a country which uses a language that is different from the one that is used in your home market.

Launching your products or services in such a market will come with its own set of challenges.could be a big hurdle. And no, Google Translate cannot come to your rescue here! In such a scenario, the services of a translation company will come in handy.

The ability to translate the language of your products and services to that of your target customers native language can help your business expand to new territories and a wider audience base. Professional translation services can help you build solid relationships and robust revenue streams. However, it is essential to ensure that you hire professional translators. This will cushion you from poor project planning and execution . This article discusses what to look for in a translation agency.

1. Strategic keyword research and localisation knowledge

A good translation agency should be in a position to carry intensive research on the language. The agency should also apply cultural knowledge to produce the best results. Another key aspect of consideration is the translation of the keywords. Keywords and vocabulary are very vital in translation. They help to ensure that the original meaning is retained. A good translation company should strive to preserve the original meaning. Hire a company that pays attention to the keywords to produce the best results.

2. Attention to grammatical rules

Another critical area that an excellent translating company will pay attention to are the grammatical rules. For instance, if you are translating a document from English to French, the grammatical rules of these languages are not the same. Some translation providers tend to ignore this aspect and end up distorting the meaning of the documents. Look at an agency that is privy to the grammatical rules of the language you are translating your work into.

3. Paying attention to vocabulary

Vocabulary is a very crucial aspect of translation. A word used in one language may have a completely different meaning in a different language. For optimum results, look for a translator who is sensitive about the variance in the vocabulary of the two languages.  They should not just translate the document literally but also pay special attention to the acceptable vocabulary. They should also be fully aware of the business jargon that is prevalent in the target market.

4. The ability to be flexible

Flexibility is critical when looking for a translation company. The translators should be able to make speedy last-minute changes to the text. The most common ones are spacing, abbreviations, additional text, and spelling. A good translator should appreciate the significance of changes and act promptly whenever required. The translating company should strive to deliver quality translations.

Flexibility also means the willingness to go the extra mile in case of emergencies. As such, you are assured that the translator will be responsive to your needs whenever needed.

5. Strict adherence to set targets

Targets are a critical factor, especially if you are dealing with legal documents. A good translator should ensure that the needed translation is delivered on or before the agreed time. Doing so helps protect other business operations and legal formalities. Discuss your targets beforehand with your translator to ensure a smooth flow of work.

In conclusion, it is imperative to find a reliable translation services provider in order to ensure the success of your entry into new markets. Finding the right partner can turn challenges into opportunities for your organisation.

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