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Five local brands that know their niche

by John Saunders
24th Nov 21 11:27 am

Contrary to popular belief, tapping into a niche market isn’t an immediate shortcut to success.

While you might find you’re up against a lesser volume competition, you’re also likely to be targeting a far more discerning audience, and it takes great skill to capture the imaginations of these customers.

That said, with the right approach, you can build a solid reputation in a niche market to secure customer loyalty. These are just five local brands, in London and beyond, that have perfected their niche.

1. Advanced Chem-Dry, Huddersfield

Advanced Chem-Dry is an internationally recognised brand that specialises in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Up against regional competition, you might imagine such a brand may struggle to develop the type of customer loyalty specific to local businesses. But in spite of its international status, the Huddersfield-based branch prides itself on its dedication to and expertise in the West Yorkshire region, with an experienced team with strong connections to the area, providing flood and fire damage recovery services as well as domestic and commercial cleaning.

2. Bird & Blend Tea, Brighton

Tea that tastes like Rhubarb & Custard? What about a Bakewell Tart? Or a Chocolate Digestive?

These are just a few of the weird and wonderful brews by Bird & Blend Tea. The Brighton-based firm has two proud flagship stores in its hometown, but thanks to its highly unique blends, it has branched out across the country with something of a cult following.

3. Crash Records & Wall of Sound, Leeds

A must-visit for vinyl lovers, Crash Records & Wall of Sound, located on Leeds’s Headrow, are two record shops in one, with Crash occupying the ground floor of the building and Wall of Sound in the basement below.

As well as their fantastic record selection, Crash is also a local ticket vendor, supporting Leeds’s famous Brudenell Social Club amongst others. Meanwhile, Wall of Sound is a veritable treasure trove for vinyl collectors, stocking a number of new and used finds in every format.

4. Duke of Uke, London

This masterfully unique music store specialises in one of the most widely-loved hipster instruments right now – the ukulele.

But don’t expect run-of-the-mill from these guys. With electric ukuleles, six-string and eight-string ukuleles, and even banjo ukuleles for sale, their collection takes this oft-twee instrument to the next level.

The store also hosts a number of live events, and currently holds the world record for the longest ever ukulele performance at 30 hours and two minutes.

5. Paramount Books, Manchester

Manchester’s most mysterious bookshop, Paramount Books is something of a local legend.

Open only three days per week, this quaint little second-hand bookshop has a unique appeal and antiquated charm thanks to its penchant for jazz music and prohibited use of mobile phones. Renowned for its selection of science fiction and comic books, every inch of the store is designed to be a book lover’s paradise.

These five incredible brands have perfected their approach to their target customers, appealing locally and bringing visitors from far and wide, too.


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