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Five Christmas promotional ideas your customers will actually want

by Sarah Dunsby
26th Nov 18 11:03 am

Holiday is coming real close, and it’s the biggest chance for every business to grow revenue, especially for online retailers as people tend to spend 30 times higher for shopping than other times of the year. When it comes to holiday promotions, consumers are tired of seeing the same old tropes, such as Santa selling a 10-pack of staplers or receiving that holiday fruit basket from a client. If you’re looking for ways for your business to stand out during the holidays, this article is for you

Step up your social media with a multi-network giveaway

2018 has been a year full of change in social media. Facebook is still popular, while Instagram is on the rise, Twitter is making a comeback, and YouTube is the unsung success of the year. So, here’s a common plan. You can run a single giveaway on all your social media and profiles. Gather comments from your followers around the internet and award a single prize. You’ll save time and effort, without ignoring any of your online network.

Run a Christmas contest

The idea of winning something for free always gets people’s attention. Promote the competition on social networks as a way for your customers to win Christmas gifts like promo from tlc188.co.uk. If you’re in retail, the possibilities are infinite. If you own a restaurant, the prize could be a free bottle of finest wine or a free Christmas dinner.


Nothing gets people in the Christmas mood like the proper ambiance and decoration. Hang some mistletoe, put up a Christmas tree, play some Christmas theme music but make sure you are not going overboard. Your store will make people feel happy and welcome, and more willing to spend money.

Reward loyal customers

If there is one thing that is true about start-ups, it is that loyal customers are highly important. To get your business off the ground, some regulars are essential. Give them an extra incentive to keep coming back and tell their friends about your store. You could do this with something as simple as a digital Christmas card you send to your customer database. You could offer an invite to your exclusive holiday event. A small gesture can still make a big difference, especially when people share their positive experiences on social media. Not only will it bring you extra business, but it will remind your customers why they backed you in the first place.

Personalise products and messages

The holidays are a time for sharing not just gifts and cards, but content too. When you’re building your Christmas marketing ideas, you should be thinking about how you can create content that people cherish and share with friends. Since customers love personalise gifts idea, it makes sense to find ways that your customers can customise their Christmas experience.


Holiday is a great chance for you to 2X, 3X your sales, so take the most advantage of it. Plan your promotion campaigns right from today and don’t let yourself fall behind. We all hope these actionable tips and tricks can help bring the best sales season ever to your store.


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