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Five business technologies to look for in 2020

by John Saunders
17th Feb 20 1:33 pm

It is almost inconceivable for the progress of technology in business IT processes to slow down any time soon. Since the progress is demand-driven, the evolution of business technology is streaking at a breakneck pace. IT-dependent SMEs are compelled to keep up or at least, keep abreast of their competition when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Developments in IT solutions including those with log management, big data analytics and a website down detector features has become an industry standard. What further developments in business IT processes can you look forward to in 2020?

Here are five possible business technologies that you can look forward to in 2020.

1. Cloud-based AI as service

Although AI has been around for a while, it almost always seems that its full potential is yet to be realized. Business processes such as big data analytics have become immensely easier with the help of AI. This, in turn, has allowed businesses to rechannel their human resource to more complex tasks. The emergence of cloud-based infrastructure as service from cloud providers has made AI technology more affordable even for SMEs. The initial success of such cloud-based AI should make it an even more sought-after business technology this year.

2. Expansion of automation

Networks and servers with massive computing power have made the automation of various business processes possible. While many fear automation, it actually spares talent from wasting away in doing repetitive and mind-numbing tasks. What makes automation even better is that it continues to be refined for efficiency, as well as developed for more complex tasks. It wouldn’t be surprising to see more advanced automation of business processes in 2020, particularly in areas of data management, customer service, and accounting.

3. Mobile friendly websites

Most people all over the world are more likely to connect to the internet via their smartphones than any other device. Even if they spend a good portion of their day at work on their computers, they stay connected via their phones. Digital marketing efforts that target this potential clientele should, therefore, focus on improving their website’s mobile browsing experience. Expect improved and more powerful app features for designing websites for mobile browsing in 2020.

4. Log management tools

Log management solutions have become one of the most sought-after tools as more experts in the industry realize the value of logs beyond just being references for troubleshooting and analysis. The advent of fast computers and ultra-fast internet have made web response times and page loading speeds critical areas of concern. Several studies show that internet users who are used to fast computers and internet speeds have become intolerant of slow loading websites. These studies indicate that as much as 40% of internet users choose to click away from a website if it fails to load within 3 seconds.

Log management tools can clue in network administrators to areas that they can improve on to speed up page loading times and web response. Too much logging itself can also cause system bloat, which in turn, can result in sluggish website performance. Look to 2020 for improved log management tools with features that help speed up and improve website performance.

5. Improved collaboration tools

Project management tools with collaboration features allow talents from various locations to collaborate on a single project. Such tools give employers access to a wider pool of talents whose skills they can tap for telecommuting or online work. Collaborating on a project online has numerous advantages, especially for SMEs who are working on a budget. With more employers and freelancers preferring to work from home, 2020 should see improved project collaboration tools, and even industry-specific project management solutions.

Apart from those mentioned above, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that 2020 may even surprise you with an unexpected, game-changing technology that can directly affect how you do business online. IT-dependent SMEs should, therefore, keep their eyes and ears peeled for any development in business technologies that they can use to remain competitive.

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