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Favourability towards Boris Johnson falls to lowest level since October

by LLB Editor
4th Aug 21 2:27 pm

Thirty percent of Britons think things in Britain are heading in the right direction (-5 pts from June), 44% think things are heading in the wrong direction (+4).   The net rating on this measure of -14 is the lowest since January this year.

Optimism has fallen particularly among 2019 Conservative voters, from 63% last month to 49% this month (among Labour voters, there has been little change at 22% from 19%).

Favourability towards Boris Johnson has also fallen again this month, to 27% favourable (-6 pts since June) and 47% unfavourable (nc). This is his worst rating in this series since October last year. Again, there has been a 10 pt fall among Conservative voters, although a majority are still positive (58%).

There has also been a marginal fall in favourability towards the Conservative party, to 27% (-4 pts), while 45% are unfavourable (nc).

Among other Conservative politicians, Rishi Sunak receives the highest favourability scores (36% favourable, 26% unfavourable, although this has been falling since March), while 25% are favourable towards Sajid Javid, the new Health Secretary, and 31% unfavourable. This net score of -6 is similar to Matt Hancock’s ratings in May, but better than his final rating of -39 in June.

For the first time, we asked attitudes towards Priti Patel, with 15% favourable towards the Home Secretary and 54% unfavourable. This net rating of -39 is similar to Jeremy Corbyn’s scores in the beginning of December 2019 before the General Election. Conservative 2019 voters are twice as favourable towards her than Labour ones (by 26% to 13%, although 41% are still unfavourable).

Favourability towards Keir Starmer has slightly improved after falling earlier this year. 23% feel favourable towards him (+3) while 38% are unfavourable (-7), similar to his scores in March. Among Labour voters, his ratings have risen by 8 pts to 47%.

Favourability towards the Labour party itself is little changed at 26% favourable vs 42% unfavourable, similar to views of the Conservative party.

The Green Party continues to receive the lowest unfavourable ratings (at 28%, while 29% are favourable), while the Liberal Democrats are viewed less positively (17% favourable, 36% unfavourable).

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