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Explore trading in Dubai markets

by John Saunders
13th Mar 19 1:33 pm

Trading in Dubai is unlike any other country where you can freely trade and invest as per your liking. Nasdaq Dubai offers investment opportunities to retail and institutional investors in Dubai. It does not matter whether you are based in UAE or in the rest of the region or anywhere else in the world you get a wide variety of options and range of securities to invest in. The exchange here provides a unique set of advantages to investors and helps them in maximising their returns in different economic environments. This is the reason Dubai is considered as an investor’s paradise and investors from different parts of the world look forward to investing in Dubai markets.

Like any other exchange, trading on Nasdaq Dubai is similar to trading on Dubai Financial Market (DFM) where investors can start trading on Nasdaq Dubai by opening an investor account initially with any brokerage firm (who is a member of exchange) of their choice and thus obtaining a NIN (National Investor Number) which is essential here in Dubai to trade and invest in Dubai Markets. So, if you are looking forward to making an investment or Trading in Dubai or for that matter trade in Dubai all you need is to get started with a simple process of opening an account through DFM and Nasdaq Dubai or apply it through a respectable brokerage firm.

How to trade in Dubai

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is committed to providing investors with various information and a wide range of tools in order to facilitate informed investment decisions in Dubai markets. Here in detail we will explain and chart out a step by step process on how to trade on DFM and Nasdaq Dubai through the Dubai Financial Market irrespective of whether you are looking to open an Investor account or an existing investor looking to manage your account and trading portfolio in a better manner.

The Dubai Financial Market and Nasdaq Dubai both are open to investors of any nationality based in any country and thus any individual or any institution can easily apply for an Investor Number (NIN) with the Dubai Financial Market in order to trade at DFM and Nasdaq Dubai. Once you apply for an Investor Number (NIN) you can start trading. You need to appoint a broker to trade or you can trade directly on your own once you open an account with a brokerage firm than you can trade where you can buy & sell securities and track your portfolio.

Once you have obtained an Investor Number (NIN) from the DFM than in order to trade DFM and Nasdaq Dubai listed securities an investor needs to appoint a exchange licensed broker to open a trading account and complete all the necessary forms for this purpose. The exchange licensed broker acts as an intermediary who carries out the trading transaction as per the client’s instruction. One may go through the full list of licensed brokerage firm and can choose the best one to open an account with to start trading in Dubai.

Once you  have obtained Investor Number(NIN) and have appointed a licensed broker for your account than you can monitor the trading data of DFM and Nasdaq Dubai listed securities on single trading platform on DFM trading floor or even online at www.dfm.ae by making a registration for real time data access,

On DFM and Nasdaq Dubai you get a wide variety an choice of financial instrument which include listed equities, bonds, sukuk and derivatives on Nasdaq Dubai as well as other financial instruments which are being developed such as ETF;s, rights issues and covered warrants. An investor may trade in person or through an authorised representative on the DFM trading floor during the trading session period. In addition to this DFM and Nasdaq Dubai also offer online trading service through licensed brokers where the investor can get tailored services from the brokerage firms for trading in Dubai. Through online trading an investor gets round the clock access to market information and one can deal / trade in any listed security at DFM or Nasdaq Dubai from the comfort of sitting at home or office.

Read all the information properly and start trading in Dubai Financial Markets and Nasdaq Dubai for better profits.

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