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Escaping London with your own boat

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26th Aug 19 9:23 am

The hustle and bustle of city life are what makes London what it is. The city is one of the economic powerhouses of the world and one of the busiest cities on the planet. High flying executives work long hours, they arrive artwork when it is dark and go home when it is dark. Life in the city, especially when there is a lengthy commute each side of the day is not easy. Stress levels can go up and often the higher the salary the higher the stress. So, just how does one truly escape the hecticness of the city?

Sail away

Looking out of the Thames and often walking along with it every day many people look at the boats and perhaps think “if Only”. Boats, even on the Thames in the heart of the city of London have a certain level of calm about them and yet people have little idea just how easy it is own their own boat. A quick look through specialty boat and yacht companies will soon show you just how easy owning a boat it. When you begin to look for Viking Yachts for sale, for example, you will discover a wide range of truly affordable yachts and pleasure craft waiting for you. The websites alone start you dreaming, and it is not too challenging to make those dreams real.

Escape from it all

With your own yacht, you will suddenly find a freedom you never knew existed. Whether you want a small craft to use on the river or something you can take out to sea you will soon find you have the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of London. A boat is a great way to escape with family, learning to sail or learning to control a boat is a wonderful thing and can really take your mind off the stress of work. Imagine leaving work early on a Friday and just heading down to the coast or up to the lakes in the North of England and spending some time on the water. After the preparation before setting out there is nothing more relaxing.


Owning a boat does cost money. There is maintenance and of course mooring fees but these costs aside, a yacht or any watercraft makes a wonderful investment that you will never regret. It is well known that just trying a boat for a day will soon have you hooked. You don’t really have to be all that nautical to enjoy your boat but you will soon find you become so. Catching your own supper from your boat or just letting the ocean waves or river current carry you in total peace is what it is all about. You will soon get hooked on sailing as you discover how relaxed you are when you get back to the office. Your focus may seem like you are working but when you own a boat your dreams are forever about sailing. A boat becomes your lifestyle, it becomes the way you switch off and lives with a boat is so much better. Go on, dare to dream and then make the dream come true!

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