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Energy customers could save £260 – here's how

15th Dec 16 10:36 am

Could you be saving more money on energy bills?

According to regulator Ofgem, many customers could save hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills without having to switch supplier.

Over 1.7m customers with Npower could save £261 a year just by moving to another Npower tariff.

Ofgem says as many as 6.6m British Gas customers could save a total of £129 a year.

Despite this British Gas have recently changed their prices so customers only see a saving of £43.

The new figures also show that SSE have practically all its customers on its highest tariff.

A huge 91 per cent of customers with SSE are on a standard tariff, this is compared to First Utility with just 9 per cent.

In the UK, around 66 per cent of households are on a standard tariff.

Npower recently said its customers are less likely to be able to save £261 as fixed price deals were limited to a certain number of customers.

The business secretary, Gregg Clark recently met with energy suppliers due to claims that some were making huge profits from customers on standard variable tariffs.

Three of the biggest energy suppliers have since frozen prices over the winter period.

Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: “We’d like to see energy companies do more off their own back to help customers who are on a low income, like moving them to a cheaper deal,”

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