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Donald Tusk: May’s Florence speech of Britain ‘having cake and eating it’ on Brexit is over

26th Sep 17 3:40 pm

Negotiations are more positive

The European council president, Donald Tusk has said that Theresa May’s Florence speech shows that Britain “having a cake and eating it” on Brexit is over.

This was a dig at Boris Johnson as he said that Britain could have its cake and eat it.

Speaking outside Downing Street, Tusk welcomes a new and “constructive” and “realistic” tone from London, he feels “cautiously optimistic” about Brexit talks.

Tusk added: “This shows that the philosophy of having a cake and eating it is finally coming to an end … at least I hope so. That’s good news.”

Tusk further said on negotiations that I feel now we will discuss our future relations with the UK once there is so-called sufficient progress.

“The two sides are working and we will work hard at it.

“But if you ask me, and if today member states ask me, I would say there is no sufficient progress yet. But we will work.”

Tusk said to may: “After your excellent speech in Florence I am much more optimistic. Of course, still we have to do something maybe more substantive.”

May said: I set out in my speech last week in Florence the hope for working together to that deep and special partnership I think we want to create with the European Union once we leave the European Union.

“And the commitment we have to looking for a really good economic partnership.

“I think that by being creative in the ways that we approach these issues we can find solutions that work both for the remaining 27 but also for the UK and maintain that co-operation and partnership between the UK and the EU.”

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