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Dangerous superbugs found on London’s Tube network

16th May 17 2:17 pm

What was found?

Scientists have warned that nine of the world’s most dangerous superbugs have been found on London’s Tube network.

Researchers from London Metropolitan University examined buses and trains across London to test how clean they were.

In total, they managed to find 121 different types of bacteria and mould. The London Underground was found to be the dirtiest way to travel around the capital.

The Victoria line came out as the worst with 22 different types of bacteria found on carriages. This included four of the world’s most threatening bugs.

Swabs found Staphylococcus Aureus which is bacteria known to cause toxic shock in women who wear tampons for too long, E. coli and the dangerous Klebsiella Pneumoniae.

Staveley Head commisioned the research. It found that the next two dirtiest lines were the Circle and Piccadilly.

Dr Matewele, who led the London transport study, said: “The Klebsiella Pneumoniae infection is a superbug that antibiotics cannot fight and can be extremely harmful.

“The bacteria doesn’t usually affect healthy people. It’s mainly a problem if transmitted between sick patients in hospitals and between people with weakened immune systems.

“The infection can cause urinary tract infections, pneumonia, septicaemia, meningitis and diarrhoea. Therefore, proper hygiene is a must.”

Jill Collis, director of health, safety and environment for Transport for London, said: “The Tube is an extremely safe environment and our trains and stations are professionally cleaned throughout the day and night.

“There is no cause for customers to worry about bacteria on the Tube or do anything different in terms of hygiene than they would in other public places.”

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