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Consumers in London happy to pay more for local produce says new survey

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26th Sep 19 8:43 am

Since most of us enjoy fresh, tasty food, and local produce is the eco-friendlier eating option, it makes sense that we would be happy to pay more for it. New research from online retailer AO.com highlights that London is one of the cities most likely to splash out when it comes to buying local produce.

Sustainable eating and living is so important to the capital that 63% would be happy to pay on average 20% more for local produce, and 1 in 10 would even pay more than 50% over standard supermarket prices.

Although consumers prefer food that’s taken a shorter journey, the research also suggests that it can prove difficult to only buy local in the bustling city. Over a third of Londoner’s (35%) believe it’s impossible to only buy from locally sourced providers. Is there a lack of options available to them?

The survey asked what measures we are currently taking to protect the environment, and what our views are on buying locally and seasonally.

The survey revealed:

  • 39% of Londoners think the main reason we should be buying locally is because it’s better for the economy, and 26% think it shows pride in their local area.
  • A massive 69% of people in London said they would be willing to sacrifice food choices in order to only buy products when they are in season.
  • 35% said they would grow their own produce in their garden/allotment, but they don’t have the facilities.
  • Almost half of the people in London (45%) are still not taking their own plastic bags to their weekly food shop

David Lawson, Managing Director at AO.com commented on the new research:

“As consumers are becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint and the need to help the environment, attention has turned to the food they’re buying and how far it has travelled to get to their kitchens.

“People are realising that buying from local providers, whilst more expensive, can provide better quality produce which is also better for the environment.

“Our campaign ‘From Farm to Fridge’ details the journey that some common staples in the average UK fridge have taken to get there, highlighting the food products which are racking up the air miles.”

The research supports AO’s Farm to Fridge campaign which looks at some of the most common foods found in our homes, and the journey they’ve taken before we consume them.

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