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Commuter chaos as Tube strike hits London

5th Feb 14 9:18 am

Tube strike Twitter

Photo: Twitter @christhomas86

London streets were filled this morning with angry faced commuters, standing at bus stops, grimly poking smartphones and emitting furious noises.

Would-be commuters across the capital have been hit by travel chaos this morning as Tube strikes over job cuts and ticket office closures have left a skeleton Tube service in operation.

The RMT and TSSA unions’ first 48-hour strike, which began at 9pm last night, saw huge crowds of stranded passengers at major stations, while buses and Overground services being highly- congested.

This morning, no Tube trains were running until about 7am, though managers, non-union staff and volunteers have now begun to run a limited service.

But TSSA union leader, Manuel Cortes tweeted “hardly a train is running as Boris’s phantom scab army fails to show up”.

Tube strikes: how to get around London

Appalling pictures of extremely crowded platforms and stations have already emerged on Twitter.

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