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China vows retaliation against the US with a ‘road that leads to death’

21st May 20 12:29 pm

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been accused by Beijing of “seriously violating” a US-China agreement with Taiwan.

China have pledged they will retaliate with the US after Pompeo’s move, as he was the first ever US Secretary of State to congratulate the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen over her election victory.

Dr Tsai ing-Wen won a landslide victory in January and she was seen to be re-buking Beijing’s long-standing campaign to isolate the island.

The Taiwanese President warned, she will not allow China to “downgrade Taiwan and undermine the cross-strait status quo.”

Beijing said the US remarks have done serious damage to US-China relations, as Pompeo’s statement “seriously violated” the one China principle, as China claims Taiwan.

A Chinese spokesman said, “China urges the US side to immediately correct its mistake.

“The Chinese side will take necessary countermeasures to respond to the above-mentioned erroneous actions by the US side.

“And the US side should bear the consequences arising therefrom.”

China’s Foreign Ministry gave a grave warning that the Taiwan “road leads to death” and “any damage to China’s core interests will be vigorously countered.”

Pompeo said during a press conference on Wednesday, “Her re-election by a huge margin shows that she has earned the respect, admiration, and trust of the people on Taiwan.

“Her courage and vision in leading Taiwan’s vibrant democracy is an inspiration to the region and the world. 

“I am confident that, with President Tsai at the helm, our partnership with Taiwan will continue to flourish.”

Tensions further grew on Thursday as China’s Foreign Ministry lodged a complaint with the US over planned sales of advanced torpedoes to Taiwan.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump attacked the Chinese President Xi Jinping over a massive “worldwide killing” of hundreds of thousands of people, over coronavirus.

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