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CEOs are psychopaths – here's proof

14th Sep 16 10:19 am

New study shows results

A study by Australian forensic psychologist Nathan Brookes has found that 21 per cent of 261 corporate professionals have displayed psychopathic traits.

Brookes told ABC News that the figure “shared similarities to what we would find in a prison population”.

“We’ve looked at around 1,000 people, and the supply chain management study — which involved 261 corporate professionals — was the most interesting,” he said.

“If [candidates] were to come up high [on the psychometric test] it would then be a thorough clinical interview, potentially looking at problem-solving and reasoning based scenarios.

“And then the next step, if they still passed that, would be looking at a prolonged probation period where they were rated on the third party measure by co-workers and also a manager,” he added.

Brooks warned that even though psychopaths in the workforce are small in number, they could hamper an organisation.

“Their personality usually leads them to exploit every avenue open to them, whether it’s in a criminal setting, or within organisations,” he said.

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