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Casino servicescapes for business

by John Saunders
18th Feb 19 9:33 am

Damien Connelly is the editor for Casino Life Magazine. He also worked as Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Sales consultant. Welcome to The Last Word written by Damien, where he is approaching the idea of casino resort security benefits for business travelers.

In the last issue of The Last Word, Damien talked about using security in order to attract and retain customers, something like how to turn cost into a revenue source. One example of how a casino can grow revenues by using security resources.

Damien thinks that business women are a great target for casino resorts, because of their security expertise. They also take precautions, such as booking daytime flights and booking hotels in central locations. However, more than 50% of travel program rarely or never provide transportation. This big gap can be used by casino resorts in order to grow.

There are few hotels that fill this gap, especially towards women. As an example, the Accor Hotels offers female-specific rooms and has a female brand ambassador for these segments. Another benefit, women can make 70% of household travel decisions. A hotel can grow its sales from female business travellers, business people can also get their leisure time spend with these women.

The Servicescape

Servicescape is a model of emphasizing the impact of physical environment where a service process takes place. The model was developed by Booms and Bitner. In simple words, servicescape refers to the non-human elements of the environment in which services occur.

Servicescape can have a considerable impact on casino revenues. David G. Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming research and instructor at UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas), noted in his recent Forbes article of how Bill Harrah understood the importance of padded stools when he opened his first bingo hall in California. He believes that players who don’t feel pressured socially or don’t feel uncomfortable physically will be long-term customers.

Servicescape can cover elements such as accessibility and navigation, car parks, exterior lightning, building facade, interior decor, ambience, cleanliness and seating comfort. It can influence the approach of customers. Damien uses this strategy in his consulting work, because it can affect revenues. Servicescapes is part of mapping the customer journey.

At city levels, Las Vegas, Singapore, London and others can offer brilliant examples of a well-managed servicescapes. At property level, Wynn Las Vegas, Marina Bay Sands, Hippodrome Casino and others are excellent examples of servicescapes. At service level, VIP hotel entrances and Business Class airline lounges are also another good example. At an event level, services organised by Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer are stunning.

Servicescapes may sound a big academic, but it can impact the revenues. It is important in focusing the servicescapes in getting it more right than wrong and to stay in control of it. If servicescapes get out of control, it can take a lot of resources and time to get it to the right level.

The e-Servicescapes

Another conceptual model is proposed is the e-Servicescapes. The e-Servicescapes is based mostly towards online casino environment. Since online gambling first arrived, in 1995, it has become a grown leisure activity around the world. Just like the Internet has got into so many lives in the past decade, Internet gambling has also grown.

In 1996 there were 15 online casino sites, now there are over 2,650 online gambling sites in existence. This list of online gambling sites are licensed and trusted sites, with each of them having a local regulator. Online casinos, such as Admiral Casino, are available remotely through the Internet and mobiles phones that have Internet connection. Literally, they are in the palm of your hand. To no one’s surprise, the Internet has become the attention subject of gambling media.

Online gambling allows people to use it from one’s own home, which is a temporal and spatial convenience. If people are not interested in spending leisure time at a resort, the operators ability is to attract the people without the need of travel and it had become a distinct advantage.

Despite this, there is also a lack of research that is focusing on the user experience within the e-servicescapes of online casinos. It is also worthwhile to asset the value of the online gambling environment in order to determine the satisfaction of players.

The online environment has limited atmospheric cues. The operator can offer only visual and auditory cues for the player. There is no full sensory environment that a physical servicescapes can make up. The audio-visual outlet where operators can reach the players is limited in many ways when compared to a live casino.

However, they both have their comparable functional qualities, the live casino has holistic atmospheric environment, while the online casinos atmospheric cues and its functional qualities is restricted to virtual interface.

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