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Can AI make parking operations more user friendly in hospitals?

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25th Feb 19 3:18 pm

Chaotic parking areas are never pleasant regardless of the location—worse still at a hospital. Visiting one is sometimes a life and death situation. As such battling to find parking is the last thing your visitors must worry about. For this reason ensuring the parking operations at any hospital are user friendly should be your top priority.

But how do you ensure this? The answer is pretty simple: Implement artificial intelligence. Mind you this won’t only benefit patients but visitors and staff members too.

So what measures must be implemented to ensure all affected enjoy a hassle free parking experience? We’ll discuss that shortly.

Three things every driver wants

Let’s be clear: Regardless of why people visit the hospital, every driver essentially wants these three basic things.

Plenty of parking space

Parking space is the first thing a person wants –and plenty of it too. The last thing you need is to spend half an hourlooking for a free spot. Particularly in the case of an emergency, times is a resource you can’t afford to waste.

Convenient parking

Not only should parking be in abundance but it should be conveniently located and readily accessible.When we talk about convenient parking we’re also referring to a hassle free experience at the security entrance check point.

You’ll find some institutions require drivers to produce their drivers licences or other identification. Though it may be for security reasons, it’s no secret the delays that are caused.

It would be advisable to find a convenient and user friendly system for instance:

  • Issuing a card quickly at the entrance that the driver can presentupon exit.
  • Even just having security teams that merely observe when people are entering is good enough so they don’t cause congestion and delays at the entrance.
  • Parking bays must be conveniently located near the hospital entrance doors. This will ensure patients don’t walk long distances before accessing the hospital building.

Secure parking

No doubt people want a secure parking area to take care of their most prized possessions—their vehicles. Security measures are essential to prevent criminal action.

Now, how can you optimise your current situation?

Three suggestions for more user friendly parking

Convenient payment guidelines

We get it: Free parking may not be an option. You need funds for the general upkeep and maintenance of the parking area or to pay the security personnel.

If there are payment systems at least make sure of the following:

  • It’s as hassle free as possible. The last thing you need is a delay as patrons queue to pay for the parking or walking all over the hospital looking for machines to validate tickets.
  • Inexpensive parking is always a good idea. How many times have you paid ridiculous prices for parking? We get that something must be paid but at least ensure the prices are reasonable.

With modern technology and AI a parking system can be efficient as well as inexpensive to sustain since you need fewer personnel, helping you keep costs low.

Ticketless parking

Over the years it’s no secret how technological advances have made our lives easier. It only makes sense to take advantage of it—particularly where parking payment is concerned to ensure it’s more user friendly.

Of late you might have noticed an increase in ticketless parking at most hospitals in the UK. Many have embraced this convenient process which has significantly reduced the hassle associated withmaking payment via the traditional pay and display system.

But how exactly does it work?

As the name suggests, there’s no longer any issuing of tickets involved. Motorists simply drive in and then pay using their preferred method before exiting the hospital premises.Here’s why: Hospitals are collaborating with parking companies to efficiently manage their parking operations.


These companies utilise AI to make sure the parking systems are more user friendly.Implementing theseadvanced processes and procedures comes with the following advantages.

Benefits of ticketless parking

Get this: parking is really not about the cars but the people. As such, processes must be put in place to ensure they get the best service possible. Modern service providers understand this andpartnering with them came with the following advantages:

  • More consumer friendly systems.
  • Alleviate stress by improving the customers’ experience at the hospitalwhen it comes to parking.
  • Time saving. People can now pay without worrying about running out of time.

Systems involved in ticketless parking

Multiple payment options

In the past when leaving the hospital premises you had to pay for the parking at a designated office. Not only was it inconvenient but it was very time consuming. The introduction of ticketless parking also leads to more payment options available such as:

  • Mobile based transactions: This means you can now make your payments via your SmartPhoneusing an app.
  • Account based transactions: You can make payments online directly from your account.
  • Terminal based transactions: You still have the option of making payment at the conventional terminals points. Here you can make payment using either cash or your card.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

This technology basically takes away the paper work involved in the writing of the number plate of each and every vehicle entering the hospital premises. Instead the number plate is logged onto the system automatically using cameras. The cars don’t even have to stop making it less time consuming.

Implementing modern technology

Thanks to advanced technology you can ensure parking operations are more efficient. A number of companies including Advance Access will help you in this regard.

You can use technology such as AI to implement and monitor the following:

  • Flexible validation solutions that range from utilising desk top units or e-Validations online
  • User interfaces and databases to create schedules for security guards on duty
  • Central cashiering
  • Exit cashiering
  • VIP parking areas
  • Single modular designs that only allow one unit either in the exit or entrance lane to avoid congestion

Apart from convenience you’re also helping to supply drivers with other aspects they need. Parking bays open up quicker and security is enhanced.

Final words

It’s clear: By taking advantage of technology and AI you’ll streamline your parking operations. At the hospital this means happier visitors and for patients it can help in life or death situations. Worth the investment don’t you think?

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