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Brits' brazen attitude towards tradesmen revealed

24th Aug 17 10:09 am

Over a third of people would not let a tradesman use their toilet when they come to do work at their house

Brits have built up a renowned reputation of being well-mannered, yet typical British politeness goes out the window when it comes to letting tradesmen into our home. Research released today from Plentific, the home services marketplace, has shown that a surprising number of Brits are bad-mannered towards tradesmen when they come into our homes to do repair and maintenance work. 

A shocking 34 per cent admit that they would not let a tradesman use a toilet in their home and our lack of hospitability doesn’t stop there. Almost a third won’t even offer a tradesman a drink and 1 in 10 of us who do, will offer the old mugs kept especially for tradesmen.

The research also acknowledged the age-old question of whether we trust tradesmen in our homes, and unfortunately it seems that we do not. A quarter of Brits would not trust a tradesman to be in our house on their own.

77 per cent of people do not ask for a tradesman’s professional certificate when they come round to do work, which begs the question of whether they would be more trusting of tradesmen if they did?

Despite forgetting the basic human needs of British tradesmen once they enter our homes for work, the majority of us (93 per cent) will still make the effort to chat and make small talk with them.

Stephen Jury, Spokesperson for Plentific, said: “All the tradesmen who are verified on Plentific are all certified; therefore Brits should not feel untrusting of the tradesmen we recommend when they come into your home. Many people find that if they are friendly to tradesman, they will have a very good working relationship with them. We just want to gently remind Brits that the politeness that we are globally recognised for should not stop when a tradesman comes into your home. ”

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