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British Embassy attacked in Buenos Aires

by LLB Editor
3rd Apr 12 4:47 pm

Hundreds of demonstrators have hurled homemade fire-bombs, rocks and flaming bottles at the British embassy compound in Buenos Aires on the 30th anniversary of the start of the 1982 Falklands War.

Members of the extremist Quebracho movement raided the embassy compound and set fire to a Union Jack flag and an effigy of the Duke of Cambridge and Prince William to protest the British rule of the islands.

Speaking to Sky News Online, Quebracho leader Fernando Esteche said: “The burning of the flag and effigy symbolised our disgust at this British invasion of our national territory.

“This includes Britain’s monarchy, which is directly responsible.”

Many Argentines believe British presence in the South Atlantic is an illegal act of colonialism.

“We smashed the barrier down to show you (the British) that you can’t erect barriers in our country, that we have a right to protest,” said Esteche.

In a statement the Foreign Office said: “We condemn the violent actions of a minority during today’s demonstration.

“All states are obliged under the Vienna Convention to provide appropriate protection for foreign diplomatic missions.

“We expect the Argentine government to continue to fulfil its obligations under the convention and continue fully to enforce the law against any demonstrators committing criminal acts.

“We recognise the dedication and professionalism of the police in their efforts to keep order.”

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