British Airways passengers ‘held on the plane’ without food or water at Heathrow


Travel misery at Heathrow airport

British Airways passengers were left stranded on BA285 flight Wednesday for four hours with no food or water due to “technical problems.”

The flight was due to take off for San Francisco Wednesday at 11:30 however, by 3pm GMT passengers were still stuck on the plane whilst it was stationary at Heathrow airport.

A passenger told the Standard: “They said there was some technical fault with the little truck that tows the plane to the runway.”

“So we went back to the gate and they tried to fix it … but then it turned out that wasn’t the problem so they had to try something else.”

“They gave us a bottle of water on the flight but no food – although I did see a member of cabin crew stuffing their face with crisps in the galley.”

“The pilot said, ‘this has not been BA’s finest hour’ but asked us not to take it out on the cabin crew.”

Furious passengers took to social media and posted on Twitter.


Another person wrote on twitter:

A spokeswoman for British Airways said: “technical fault with the aircraft resulted in an aircraft change.”

“We are very sorry for the delay, and have arranged a replacement aircraft so our customers can continue on their way.”

“Our crew are providing as much information to customers as possible and have offered them refreshments and meal vouchers.”