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Brexit limbo is harming our mental health and having a negative effect on our lives

by LLB Editor
2nd Oct 19 10:38 am

While people might disagree on what outcome they wish for, there is consensus that the current Brexit limbo is having a negative impact on both our mental health and our society.

In a survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by AgeChecked, 62% of people said that Brexit is making them feel more anxious, stressed or depressed.

Those aged 25 to 34 are worst affected, with as many as 72% reporting that their mental well-being is being undermined by the political deadlock.

There was also deep concern expressed by 71% of people that Brexit limbo means other important issues are being ignored and pushed to the bottom of the pile for legislative time.

Of particular concern was a lack of focus on improving education, the environment and child protection.

Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, said: “These results show the level of impact the current political impasse is having on our society.  Not only are people anxious about the outcome of Brexit, but also that crucial issues simply aren’t being addressed.

“They see an international movement calling for radical environmental change, for example, and yet feel that our country’s leaders are distracted and unable to act.

“There are also many areas where people and companies are waiting for urgent legislation to be passed. For example, delays to the implementation of online age verification rules are holding up child protection measures to limit access to sites containing adult content.”

The duration of this inaction is negatively effecting people’s lives according to the survey.  57% of people said that delays or lack of political focus on such issues had adversely impacted them personally, with 18% saying it had a significant impact.

Despite this, we – like our politicians – are split on where legislative time should be going.  51% felt that government should switch priorities and make progress in other areas, whereas 49% wanted Brexit to remain the key focus.

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