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Brexit: EU laws to be replaced with UK equivalent

30th Mar 17 1:42 pm

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A new plan will see thousands of EU laws replaced with a UK equivalent.

The UK has officially began the two year process of leaving the EU, details of the Great Repeal Bill have now been published.

Brexit Secretary David Davis, said in a statement to MPs that the repeal bill would allow businesses to run as normal on the day the UK officially leaves the EU “knowing the rules have not changed overnight”.

He said the bill will “end the supremacy” of EU law in the UK.

He told MPs: “Our laws will then be made in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and interpreted not by judges in Luxembourg but by judges across the United Kingdom,”

The Great Repeal Bill would:

  • Repeal the European Communities Act, which says EU law is supreme to the UK’s
  • Ensure the UK leaves the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice
  • Transpose existing EU legislation into domestic UK law
  • It would come into force the day the UK leaves the EU
  • The Commons library anticipates it will be “one of the largest legislative projects ever undertaken in the UK”
  • A Lords committee described it as a “unique challenge”, with EU law having accumulated over decades


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