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Boris takes a grilling in an interview over by-election disaster admits defeat and that he does ‘take responsibility’

by LLB political Reporter
17th Dec 21 2:20 pm

The Prime Minister gave a car crash interview with Sky News and was grilled after the Tories lost their North Shropshire seat in the by-election.

Sam Coates challenged Boris Johnson over the lose and he admitted that he does “take responsibility.”

Johnson told Coates, “Clearly the vote in North Shropshire is a very disappointing result.

“I totally understand people’s frustrations. I hear what the voters are saying in North Shropshire.

“In all humility, I have got to accept that verdict.

“I understand that what voters want us as the Government to be doing at all times is to focus on them and their priorities.”

In a disastrous interview with correspondent Sam Coates, Mr Johnson added: “Of course I take personal responsibility.”

Coates then asked Johnson, “Tory MPs are saying publicly that conversations have begun about your future, whether you should stay in that job.

“If it was in the interests of the country, if it was in the interests of the Conservative Party, would you resign?”

Johnson hit back and said, “Sam, can I just remind you everything I’ve been saying throughout this interview, which is that is exactly the kind of question that qualifies as breaking the golden rule?

“What we’re focussing on is getting the job done. What we’re focussing on is trying to make sure that we not only have the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe, the fastest booster rollout as we’ve already done.

“But that we’re able, because of the Get Boosted Now campaign, to avert some of the most damaging consequences of Omicron.

“That is what the Government is engaged in doing now, that is what I am focussed on.”

He added, “And, do you know what? I think that is what people would want me to be focused on right now.”

Tory grandee Sir Roger Gale warned, “I think this has to be seen as a referendum on the Prime Minister’s performance and I think that the Prime Minister is now in ‘last orders’ time

“Two strikes already, one earlier this week in the vote in the Commons and now this. One more strike and he’s out.

“The Conservative Party has a reputation for not taking prisoners. If the prime minister fails, the prime minister goes.”

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