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Benefits of using square envelopes for company’s postal communications

by John Saunders
11th Jun 19 10:01 am

The use of square envelopes and other forms of direct mails are a much-underestimated way of making a strong impression with customers. In this digital era, the most common type of communication is via email. Unfortunately, most business owners and managers are realizing that the impression that these emails leave doesn’t last long. However, a direct mail (with a custom envelope) does make a lasting impact.

Well, it is unusual to receive a personal invitation card or any other letter in a square envelope, and when customers or employees get one, it will definitely create a response. In case that letter is sent in an unusual and thought-provoking envelope, studies suggest that the response is tenfold.

Generally, square envelopes are suited to hold personal posts, including Christmas cards, birthday cards, and other types of invitations. These envelopes come in different colours and format options, and that means you can choose pieces that can grab the attention of your target audience and create a lasting impression.

1. Powerful branding

Custom envelopes designed with your company logo, carefully-chosen colours and other identifying marks associated with your business lend themselves to your overall branding strategy. When your target audience gets your communications in custom envelopes, you are making a bold statement about your brand. Rest assured that your customers will take note of that statement.

2. Favourable perceptions

According to experts, powerful branding is not about being vain. It is all about attention to detail. Your target audience will take notice when you take the time to analyse and address the small things. And custom envelopes are representative of your company’s attention to details. Indeed, that form of focus suggests that you can pay as much attention to your clients’ requirements. Thus, they will have more favourable impressions of your business.

3. Motivate opens

Carefully-designed envelopes can increase your mail open rates by creating a great impression and also intriguing clients to find what’s inside. The use of these envelopes creates a very specific look. Thus, you can use them whenever you want to contact close relations.

Square envelopes are available in different styles, sizes. Thicknesses, colours, and designs. Therefore, if you plan to send out invitations for an upcoming company event or simply want to get in touch with your company stakeholders, it is recommended to choose the right envelope size, colour, and design.

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