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Beijing threatens to ‘nuke Japan off the face of the earth’ as Olympic Games are to start

20th Jul 21 10:33 am

China has threatened to start a “full scale war” and launch nuclear missiles against Japan and wipe it “off the face of the earth” as the Taiwan conflict erupts.

Tokyo has said that they will defend Taiwan should China try to do a land grab and the Chinese Communist Party has vowed that they will nuke Japan just as the Olympic Games are to start.

Britain’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that the West must do everything it can to avoid a Cold War in Asia.

Wallace said that the UK are not scared of China, he said, “It’s no secret that China shadows and challenges ships transiting international waters on very legitimate routes.

“We will respect China and we hope that China respects us . . . we will sail where international law allows.”

The UK’s new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth is due to take part in exercises in the Phillipines Sea, with Japan, the United States, South Korea, France, new Zealand and Australia.

Wallace added, “We are committed to working with our partners here to defend democratic values, tackle shared threats and keep our nations safe.”

“When we liberate Taiwan, if Japan dares to intervene by force, even if it only deploys one soldier, one plane and one ship, we will not only return reciprocal fire but also start a full-scale war against Japan,” threatened the PLA military spokesperson.

“We will use nuclear bombs first.

“We will use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.

“What we want to target is Japan’s ability to endure a war. As long as Japan realizes that it cannot afford to pay the price of war it will not dare to rashly send troops to the Taiwan strait.”

China has followed a ‘No first use’ (NFU) policy on nuclear weapons since 1964, but the chilling video claims that Japan could be made an exception.

It states: “Our country is in the midst of a major change that has not been seen in a century and all political policies, tactics, and strategies must be adjusted and changed in order to protect the peaceful rise of our country.

“If Japan goes to war with China for a third time, the Chinese people will take revenge on the old and new scores.”

Nicholas Eftimiades who is an expert on China, warned that President Xi Jinping’s regime believes western democracy has “failed” and their intentions are to “change world order.”

Eftimiades claims that China intends to establish the Chinese Communist Party regime as an alternative model of governance for the rest of the World.

Eftimiades told Express.co.uk: “China has said itself that its goals and intentions are to change the world order.

“To change from this liberal democratic rule by law to something that is more amenable to its system.

“They are not you know covert about this or secretive in any way, they say this is their plans and intentions.

“It is a different perspective and they say that Western democracy has failed, this is why we would replace it.”

“From our perspective looking at them, it is a more authoritarian structure,” he added.

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