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Barclays’s gender pay gap revealed: Women earn up to 43 per cent less

22nd Feb 18 4:31 pm

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According to figures published by the Barclays today, women working in Barclays’ investment banking operation are paid on an average only half of what their male colleagues are paid.

Apart from a 48 per cent mean gender pay gap between the mean hourly pay of men and women in its Barclays International unit, the British bank added that its median gender pay gap was 43.5 per cent.

At Barclays UK, the median pay gap was 14.2 per cent and the mean was 26 per cent.

Barclays said it was “confident that men and women at Barclays are paid equally for doing the same job”. It also said the pay gaps were the result of a higher proportion of men occupying more senior roles, especially in investment banking, along with a higher concentration of women in more junior, lower-paid jobs at its bank branches.

Jess Staley, chief executive, also told media: “Although female representation is growing at Barclays, we still have high proportions of women in more junior, lower paid roles and high proportions of men in senior, highly paid roles.

There has been improvement across financial services but progress has been slow within the industry, so we support the objectives and intent of the UK government in introducing gender pay gap reporting to drive equality in the workplace and in society more widely.”

According to the BBC, only 28 of the 1,154 companies that have reported the figures have a higher median hourly pay gap than Barclays.

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