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B2B lead generation tactics for small businesses

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1st Apr 20 3:10 pm

Boosting B2B lead generation and sales are on top of every small business owner’s list. Since thousands of tactics exist, it’s often tough to single out which work for you. From content marketing to social media diversification, you need to incorporate all these approaches into one workable plan.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a comprehensive lead generation scheme to help your company achieve top results. While each business needs a customized approach, the basics are often similar.

Start with a plan

Any marketing plan is a combination of different strategies and tactics. You need to review your campaign results and figure out which components need tweaking.

  • Define key lead generation objectives based on your sales process. Figure out the number of leads you need to achieve development growth and revenue targets.
  • Determine the raw lead’s value based on the expected close rates. This figure can help you define the campaign’s budget and goals.
  • Figure out which marketing channels can help you get the message through (email, social media, PPC, etc.)
  • Make a list of automated tools (including analytics) to help you with your lead generation efforts.
  • Determine which lead generation tactics can attract the number of prospects you need and send them into your sales funnel.

Employ content marketing

The power of content for marketing is hard to underestimate. How can you use it in the most efficient way possible?

1. Blogging

According to HubSpot, Companies that use blogs as part of their marketing strategy get 67% more leads than those that don’t. Besides sharing keyword-filled content on your website for traffic generation, you can take advantage of guest blogging for your backlinking strategies.

2. Visuals

Today, visual content is becoming highly popular. Adding videos, images, and infographics can make your message more appealing to the target audience with limited time for viewing.

3. Reviews

Client reviews are an integral part of content marketing and lead generation. Make reviews easy to leave, respond to them, create surveys, and learn how to ask the right questions to receive useful keywords.

Use a diversified content strategy to help attract as many clients as possible. You may want to consider A/B split testing to figure out what type of content generates more leads on your website.

Boost SMM efforts

Social media is an excellent field for discovering your leads. B2B businesses usually turn to LinkedIn for information. Take advantage of the platform to find your target audience and appeal to it with the right content.

Additionally, you can use Facebook and its lead generation tools. Facebook Lead Ads can help you set up ads and customize targeting features to put your information in front of potential clients. This paid service is an efficient lead generator and time-saver.

Don’t forget about email marketing

According to B2B marketing experts at Miromind, for B2B lead generation, email marketing is one of the most popular strategies.

  • Drafting a message – lead-generating emails must be personalized, concise, and “packaged” nicely with a catchy headline.
  • Segmenting – email list segmentation can help send the right message to the right potential clients.
  • Following –up – email is an excellent follow-up weapon that ensures efficient client-provider relationships.
  • Educating – B2B lead generation depends on educating potential clients. You can describe the product you are selling in the email to push the target to buy it on your website. Company representatives are likelier to click the “learn more” button than they would a “buy now” link.

Take full advantage of a CRM system

A CRM system is a highly useful tool for B2B lead generation efforts. It can track all communications your business has with prospects and clients.

The system helps organize contact data, segment your target audience, scale sale processes over time, remind about follow-ups, enhance analytics and reporting efforts, and improve customer satisfaction.

You can take advantage of free CRM systems to test their functionality and figure out how well they work for your campaign. Some of them are:

Boost your lead generation and sales in 2020

As you review your B2B lead generation tactics, you are likely to notice that your program needs changes. Take the process one step at a time. For some of them, you may need professional assistance.

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