#AskBG Twitter campaign: British Gas advertises social media manager vacancy


British Gas faced a firestorm on Twitter today after it announced a Twitter chat with its customer services director.

Now there’s nothing with a big corporate trying to engage customers on social media but British Gas decided to do it on the same day as it hiked prices 9.2%.

Result? #AskBG trended on Twitter all throughout the day as tweeters sent out a flurry of funny tweets about British Gas. Take a look at our round-up of the funniest #AskBG tweets here.

Twitter users were also quick to point out a social media senior manager vacancy advertised by British Gas and questioned whether it had to do anything the “social media car crash”

TThe job description for the £50,000-£60,000-vacancy advertised on Centrica’s careers page read: “The purpose of this role is to manage a full range of social media channels, analysing and evaluating relative effectiveness, identifying and developing a presence on new platforms.”