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All you need to know before you shop for an engagement ring

27th Apr 18 11:55 am

Follow the four C’s

In accordance withthe Knot’s 2017 Real Marriages Study, which interviewed 18,000 engaged or married men and women revealed that people are spending around $6,351 on the engagement rings.

Financial experts and Professionals are counseling young couples to think about the financial situation before buying Engagement Rings seriously. The 4 C’s are very important to understand simply because they make it easier to understand the high quality of the diamond and help figure out its price tag.

Cut grade

The cut grade can help determine the diamond’s “sparkle” effects.

The actual cut grade is based on the diamond’s size and proportion of each part of the diamond – that specifically effects that how the diamond reflects and mirrors light, making that precious “sparkle” effect.

A cut grade is calculated on size from “ideal” to “poor.”


Carat weight, the diamond’s weight, does not figure out the exact height and width of a diamond ring
Mainly because carat weight is the term for a diamond’s weight, a couple of expensive diamonds of the same carat may likely be a bit different sizes. Considering that carat effects the cost the most from the 4 C’s, Ritani recommends buying a carat just a bit below the size you originally want – because the variation in size will certainly be minimal to the naked eye, however, the price can be significantly affected.


The clarity grade is usually impacted by the diamond’s shape.

Organic flaws that take place while the diamond is first formed figure out the clarity level. The more clear your diamonds, the costliest it can be.

Your diamond’s condition may also effect clearness – for instance, princess and round cut diamonds which have many aspects can hide particular defects. Emerald green and Asscher-cuts have a big, open-table shape which makes it better to spot flaws.


The colourless a white-coloured diamond is, the more unusual and useful it is apt to be.

Even white-colored expensive diamonds can have several colors, normally a yellowish or darkish tone, depending on their cut grade. On the size of Z to D, D being without colour, Z as being a yellow-coloured darkish diamond, Ritani clients usually buy “I to F” diamond.

Ritani recommends the setting of diamonds in a gold ring if you are looking to cut costs.

Halo Is Certainly The Most Used Setting.

The halo setting encompasses the diamond with other smaller diamonds – improving the overall dimensions of the diamond ring, and making the centric diamond appear bigger. The cushioning formed diamond in a halo setting is one kind of Ritani’s biggest selling.

So the above four Cs are very important to know before buying your new diamond ring. The above explanations, however, are very basic but even then you can discuss with any diamond specialist or professional to know more about updated the ins and outs of these 4Cs so you can get acquainted with the color, clarity, cut grade and carat details and how they are used in calculating the actual price with the exception of sales taxes or any governmental taxes.

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