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Alan Sugar blasts Donald Trump as an “ignorant ego crazed liar!”

by LLB Reporter
20th May 13 12:00 pm

Apprentice hosts come to blows again online

Bouffant billionaire Donald Trump and Lord Alan Sugar have been caught up in another spat on Twitter.

The latest eruption between the US and UK Apprentice hosts kicked off over the weekend with Trump mischievously mocking Sugar’s net worth.

“Sugar is nowhere near being a billionaire – and I know, he works for me!” Trump tweeted.

But Sugar’s response was not so sweet: “You ignorant ego crazed liar. You don’t have the money you say you have. You’ve been bust 4 times. Work for you – bare face lie.”

When another Twitter user waded in to tell Trump to “shut up”, in deference to Alan Sugar’s peerage, the US tycoon went on: “I’ve always heard that ‘titles’ can be easily bought – is this so?”

Mysteriously, Trump finished off promising to reveal more about Lord Sugar (or “Dopey”) and his true net worth. Tweeters wait with bated breath for round three…

The pair previously clashed on Twitter last December, with the disagreement sparked by Trump’s distaste for wind farms.

Trump ended up telling Sugar to drop to his knees and “say thank you” for The Apprentice taking off.

“Sugar – unlike you, I own The Apprentice,” he added. “You were never successful enough… to do The Apprentice but I approved you anyway. Without my show you’d be nothing!”

In unrelated news, the latest series of the US and UK Apprentice is on TV screens now.

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