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9 MPs looking beyond adorable in their Christmas jumpers

18th Dec 15 11:37 am

Featuring Cameron, Clegg, Farage and some less well-known, but equally embarrassed, faces

Nigel Farage


If there’s one thing to like about Nigel Farage (yes, there is only one) it’s that he’s up for a laugh, as this polar bear number on BBC’s This Week programme demonstrates.

Neil Parish

Neil Parish

Tory MP Neil Parish here, rocking a look we like to call the “semi-Santa” ensemble. This is not to be confused with the “full-Santa”, of course, which requires a big white beard and not being a Tory. However, the hat looks like it has been carefully shaped to look jovial, so extra Christmas points to the little helper who styled him.

Nick Clegg

Clegg Christmas jumper

We watched in horror during the coalition, as charismatic Clegg slowly became a hollow shell of a man, his life draining out of him before our very eyes. Thankfully, it seems a jaunty Christmas jumper and a visit to a children’s hospital is the perfect tonic for the former deputy PM, as he looks… well not exactly happy, but… human again…?

David Hanson

Labour MP David Hanson is continuing the trend we spotted a couple of years ago, as a male MP sporting a women’s Christmas jumper. We’re not judging him – quite the opposite, in fact – since it looks like he probably bought this one from the charity shop he’s visiting. Well, we hope he bought it but you can’t put anything past politicians these days.

Natalie Bennett

She won our affection at the general election but unfortunately not our votes. She’s clearly not loving the jumper, but she’s suffered worse humiliations.

Andrew Turner

To be honest, we can’t fault Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner’s Christmas jumper selfie. There’s something endearing about not getting a staffer to photograph you – and that’s without even getting started on the face. Perhaps he’s trying to atone for the £6 of taxpayers’ money he spent on wrapping paper on Christmas Eve in 2008. (Yes, believe it or not, we did do some research for this article.)

Rob Flello

Rob Flello MP

We’re not sure what to make of this traditional get-up. On the one hand, it’s clear Labour MP Rob Flello does own this jumper and definitely wears it as part of his normal winter jumper rotation, so it certainly beats fairweather Christmas jumper-goers, such as David Hanson (above).  But the problem is the Great British Public has come to expect something inherently more gaudy for Christmas jumper day, and this simply does not cut the figgy pudding, sorry Rob.

David Cameron

A very on-brand effort for charity from David Cameron, who didn’t even bother to put it on.

George Osborne

Christmas jumper girl unimpressed Osborne face

And finally, despite there being no photographic evidence, we’re convinced George Osborne has, and indeed wears, a Christmas jumper – it’s one of a great many rumours about his private life. We were so desperate to see the chancellor in a Christmas jumper that, using the latest editing technology, senior reporter Harry Cockburn made his own mock-up of exactly how it would look.



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