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6 Ideas for personalised direct marketing

3rd Apr 18 10:08 am

Keep reading to learn why personalised marketing is a must

With the Big Data boom, it’s easier than ever before to know detailed information about your customers and potential prospects. Using this data you can run all sorts of personalised marketing campaigns, especially direct marketing, which allows you to better connect with your client base.

Keep reading to learn why personalised marketing is a must as well as 6 ideas for a personalized direct marketing campaign.

Benefits of personalisation

Have you ever gotten an email or a letter in the mail from a company that had your full name on it? Isn’t it nicer to see your name rather than “Current Resident” or some other title?

As a business owner, the success of your company relies on your ability to connect with and impress consumers. By personalising your direct marketing, you can create long-lasting and trusting relationships. In fact, research conducted by InfoTrends found that personalised printed marketing materials can improve return on investment by 50% on average.

Consumer pleaser

One of the biggest reasons to personalise your direct marketing campaign is because personalised mailings are always well received. Personalised emails and envelopes make each of your recipients feel special and valued.

Improved response

With personalised direct marketing you can better target messages to each recipient. In turn you’re more likely to get more responses. The bottom line is that recipients of your direct mailings are more likely to open what you’ve sent them. In turn, you’re also more likely to have some recipients take action, for example making a purchase or contacting your company to learn more about your product or service.

Personalisation ideas

Understanding the benefits of personalised direct marketing is only half the battle. The next step is knowing how to effectively use personalisation. Here are 6 methods to consider.

Use their name

Adding the recipient’s name to a postcard or flyer grabs their attention and interest immediately. Instead of just using their name in the “To Address” section of the mailer, find a way to incorporate it elsewhere. For example, you could use a catchy phrase like “Jane, get 50 per cent off our dog walking services this month!” You could also consider adding the recipient’s name into a graphic or image that you use on the mailer.

The key is that you use the prospective customer’s name in a way that is eye-grabbing. By using the recipient’s name elsewhere on the mailer, you’re more likely to grab their attention.

Stamped from address

To take your personalised direct marketing campaign up another notch, consider stamping to addresses on envelopes and flyers. While hand-stamping requires much more time and effort than mass printing envelopes, it adds a handmade touch that shows your prospective clients that you are a sincere and caring company.

For this, you’ll need customised stamps to include the alphabet and your company’s logo. Stamptopia sells custom stamps that can be designed with any image or graphic.

Use personalised images

Demographic data can be quite useful in helping to personalising images that can be used in direct marketing pieces. For example, you could send flyers that depict each recipient’s demographic (ie. college student, senior, family, etc.) In turn, recipients may better connect with the mailer which may entice them to open it and read the information within.

Personalised images are more heartfelt and relatable when compared to mailers that use the same exact graphics for every consumer.

Use personal statistics

Many of today’s top gas and electric companies provide customers personal reports for monthly energy usage. These reports show them how much energy they use and how they compare to their neighbors.

This type of data can also be used by your company to push your offering. Providing statistics shows that your product or service is beneficial and can make a difference by saving them money, time, or some other convenience.

Personalised URL

Personalised URLs (PURL) are an effective way to personalize your direct marketing, especially if your company falls within a technical industry or market. With a PURL you can send recipients to a personalised landing page that is customized for them.

When using PURLs, be sure to include the recipient’s name. For example, an effective PURL should read http://www.yourcompany.com/JaneDoe. This catches the reader’s eyes and makes them want to check out the page.

Say thank you

Direct marketing doesn’t always have to be used to get new leads. This form of marketing is also beneficial in keeping repeat customers in the loop and reminded of your company.

Periodically send mailers or emails to customers who have made a purchase. Thank them for their business and entice them with a coupon or a sneak peek of an upcoming product or service.


In a world where there is so much data available about consumers, it only makes sense to incorporate personalisation into your direct marketing. While the fear of getting it wrong can keep you from personalising flyers, mailers, and other marketing content, the reward is too high to not give personalisation a try.

Keep these 6 options in mind for a personalised direct marketing campaign that is sure to increase your company’s visibility, prospective customers, and hopefully leads!

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