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39m working days lost, but what price the human cost of accidents at work?

by LLB Reporter
11th Aug 21 9:02 am

As the UK’s workforce returns to the workplace following the relaxing of government restrictions and the phasing out of furlough payments by September, but despite this good news, businesses are bracing for the inevitable rise in accidents at work.

For furloughed employees or those who have been working from home for many months, returning to the office and the need to refamiliarise themselves with the workplace and its equipment could lead to increased risk of injuries and accidents.

According to the latest data from the Health & Safety Executive, in 2019/2020 almost 39 million working days have been lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries, with 693,000 workers sustaining a non-fatal injury, costing an estimated £5.6bn in loss of output, healthcare costs and other payments.

But it is the human cost to individuals injured at work that often goes unreported.

Pryers Solicitors support employees in claiming compensation for injuries sustained at work.

One case left former armed forces serviceman Neil with a lifelong back injury and mental health problems, after an 18-foot fall through an attic floor on his first day at work for a roofer. As Neil was working as a casual labourer with no formal contract, both the roofer and the property development company paying his wages, denied liability.

“No-one was willing to take responsibility for his safety whilst working on site”, explained Charlotte Waller, an experienced personal injury solicitor at Pryers. After gathering evidence on the extent of his injuries, she was able to negotiate a settlement of £32,500 to compensate Neil for his injuries and financial losses.

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