Wilko fined £2.2m after worker 230kg metal cage toppled over worker


Wilko accepts blame

Retailer Wilko has been slapped with a £2.2m fine after a worker was crushed and left paralysed.

Corisande Collins, 23, was struck by a metal cage full of paint while working in the national chain’s Leicester store in 2013. She now uses a wheelchair.

The chain has admitted failing to ensure the health and safety of its employees at Leicester Crown Court heard .

When the accident happened, Collins had just completed the first year of a degree at Northampton University and had taken a part-time job at the store at the Beaumont Shopping Centre branch.

She was pulling a roll cage overloaded with 230kg (507lb) of paint out of a lift when it toppled on her, the court heard.

The court heard the prosecution described it as a “high culpability case” as there was no risk assessment for the lift or the use of the roll cages, as well as “inadequate training and supervision”.