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Why Unified: Should you dropship with them?

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9th Jun 22 11:10 am

Whether you already run dropshipping websites or have decided to launch your first store you will always be on the lookout for the best services and deals to give you a competitive edge. There’s no doubt it takes hard work and a bankroll to build out dropshipping stores and you can use every bit of help you can get.

Surveying the landscape of dropshipping and eCommerce tools and services can make your head spin, but what you choose to use depends mostly on your specific needs and use cases.

You can cobble together the whole tech stack needed for your websites, funnels, and marketing tools, or perhaps you can find a more integrated solution that eliminates the need to be a tech god and allow you to spend your time on what you love about dropshipping which is branding and product source.

Or you may even want to have a dropship store you can fund and have run for you that also handles product selection, supplier relationships, shipping, and even customer service. If that’s the case, then your search just narrowed down to the only solution we’ve found for a completely done-for-you dropshipping solution that not only provides a complete tech stack, but also fully tested products in a store ready to go live from day one.

Why Unified?

Good question, because the company’s name does ask Why Unified? Let’s see if we can answer that for you. First off, what do they do?

WhyUnified.com is a truly unique company in the dropshipping world. There are no other established marketing agencies that have shifted their sole focus to serving dropshipping clients. That is all Why Unified does.

Why Unified runs a full-service dropshipping platform that can either drive traffic to your existing dropshipping store or build out your own unique dropshipping website and fully manage it for you. They have combined over a decade of marketing experience with the insights won from running their own successful dropship stores to create a streamlined suite of offerings that will satisfy the needs of almost any dropshipper.

Bring your own store and with their Ads Plan they can manage your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to bring you traffic and sales. Upgrade to their Funnels + Ads Plan and they can also build out full funnels to convert those traffic clicks into your own email list to remarket and upsell those customers.

If you don’t have a store yet, Why Unified has got you covered. Their premium offer is the Dropship Plan which is a completely re-branded store with its own domain address based on the successful stores they run for themselves.

What that means is Why Unified has already spent the big bucks to qualify the niche and products for the store you’ll be given in their Dropship Plan. Yes, they know how to market, how to build eCommerce sites and funnels and everything else that running a dropship store entails, but I believe this pre-tested vetting of products is the number one reason you should consider their Dropship Plan.

Let me tell you why. Imagine you are going it alone and you’ve built your own dropshipping store and are spending $500 a month running ads to get new customer traffic. Will $2,000 be enough to determine if the product featured in your advertisement is a winner or a loser? The stark reality of the dropshipping game is you might not know the answer to that until you’ve already spent thousands. What if it turns out your tests tell you to start over with another product? Will you have the funds for another ad campaign to run those tests?

Now you see what can happen in dropshipping that is hard to predict and how having a service like Why Unified that has spent tens of thousands to validate each product can be of real value. It minimizes the risk enormously to have a proven seller ready to go and that’s what they offer in their Dropship Plan. Sure, they take some of the fun out of selecting your own products, but that’s the trade-off when they also eliminate the guesswork about what will convert and significant risk as well.

While this is the primary selling point of their Dropship Plan, there are additional benefits to having it all done for you. If you tried to do all of the following tasks yourself it would be both time consuming, probably more expensive, and subject to more risk as a solo operator.

Under the dropship plan, why Unified will:

  • Build, host, and manage your own beautiful dropship store with your own domain
  • Create your own unique brand, logos, and designs
  • Give you a proven niche with tested products proven to sell
  • Design and run your ad campaigns
  • Build slick landing pages for your funnels
  • Capture email addresses and build your list
  • Market and promote future offers for repeat sales
  • Fulfill customer orders. The proceeds from sales minus costs go directly to you
  • Handle all returns and customer service

That’s pretty hands-off, don’t you think? You get your own client dashboard to watch the campaigns and see your traffic metrics, but otherwise, your main responsibility is to fund your ad campaigns and check out your sales. Why Unified is the only game in town if you want a dropshipping service this comprehensive.

So should you dropship with Why Unified? They are a definite contender if you are fully in charge of your own dropshipping store and need managed ad services, but they are pretty much your one and only choice if you want to finance a dropshipping store without getting your hands dirty.

For that person who wants it done for them, their Dropship Plan is a compelling choice. The company seems to be on a rocket ship ride lately so if you are considering Why Unified I’d recommend checking them out sooner than later in case their prices go up. Currently, they offer great discounts on their extended plans, and based on what it would cost you to do it by yourself I’d say they are priced extremely well for what you get. I’m impressed and definitely give Why Unified a thumbs up.

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