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Why trade businesses need a management app

by Sarah Dunsby
31st May 23 9:40 am

It’s essential that every business has the right tools to guarantee its success; however, this is especially important for those who work in the trade industry. One of the key tools that tradespeople should be utilising on a daily basis is an efficient job management app. Including one of these in the day-to-day operations of your business will help improve your productivity, profitability and organisation.

What can a management app do?

Most of these will feature similar possibilities, such as scheduling, invoicing and finance management. I’ll talk about that in more detail in a moment. A few things that make a management app stand out from others are the extra properties you may have yet to think about. Some apps will allow you to sync your data to work both online and offline, so whether you have strong wifi or no service at all, you still have access to your business information.

Another essential feature you should consider when choosing one is support. Some apps are just that, an app. However, the best ones give you advice, training and support so you can get the most out of the service you are paying for. Look for one that looks out for you and wants to help you succeed.

Finally, every trade business is a different size and runs differently, use a company that understands that. Look for something that will continue to benefit you and support you from day one, no matter how big your business grows. There are plenty of apps that have many subscription options, so you can make the most of them whether you’re a team of one or a team of 30.

Why do trade businesses need a management app?

Managing projects – This one is pretty obvious; it’s quite literally in the name! Adding a management app to your operations will allow you to plan the daily runnings of your business easily. This can include prioritising tasks, assigning tasks to specific team members, keeping track of deadlines and ensuring you are working within your budgets. This will guarantee you stay on track with your workload and avoid disappointing your customers or overwhelming your team.

Scheduling – The right management app will help you with keeping your appointments and jobs in order. You and your team no longer have to worry about double booking jobs at the same time. It also allows you to ensure your customers know when you are available. This provides them with the correct information from the start, leading to greater customer satisfaction. They can book your team without having to wait for days to hear back from you if you are busy.

Tracking Inventory – Never worry about running out of stock again! With a management app, you can keep on top of what you have left and plan re-stocks before you sell out. This keeps your customers happy and prevents you from losing sales.

Communication – The key to finding returning customers that have confidence in your work is communication. By introducing an app into your business, you will have software that allows you to send messages, updates and reminders to them, keeping them informed at every step. It also allows your customers to contact you in case of an unexpected issue or in need of advice or a rescheduling.

Quotes and invoices – Many management apps also allow you to generate quotes and invoices for your work. This will ultimately save you time, stress and effort. It also means you get paid quicker! You can input your data into the quoting/invoicing tool and have your calculations and receipts generated for you. All you need to do is send it to the customer.

Finance management – Nobody likes doing the paperwork. If you work in trade, you often want to be out and about getting the practical stuff done. This is entirely understandable and possible. You can use an app to manage your finances by tracking income and expenses. You can use this data to understand areas you can make more profitable and business operations you are spending too much money on. Get your finances in order without the hassle.

To conclude, a management app can make a substantial difference to your trade business. From decorators, electricians and plumbers, no matter your service, you can benefit from a better management and operations process. It will improve your efficiency, productivity and profitability, as well as ensure your customers are experiencing the best service possible.

The management app you choose should feature everything you need to run your business to achieve success, job satisfaction and excellent customer experience. If you are looking for a way to improve your trade business and take it to the next level, a job management app may be just what you need.

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