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When should businesses use contractors and freelancers?

by John Saunders
18th Jun 19 3:09 pm

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny start-up or a multi-million-pound company, there will come a time where someone in your organisation will wonder whether or not they need to hire a freelancer or a contractor to solve a technical problem they’ve come up against. This can be particularly difficult to decide upon when facing a highly complex IT problem.

However, it is often a better choice, both in terms of cost efficiency and finding the right person, to bring in a contractor rather than a full-time hire. Here we’ll break down the different ways contractors and freelancers can help your business.

Contractors are perfect for carrying out short-term fixes

By ‘short-term fixes’, we don’t mean that the fixes only last for a short amount of time! Rather that the complex issues only take a short amount of time to fix (if the right person is working on it).

Many businesses face issues that require specialist knowledge and abilities in order to fix. However, once the problem is solved, these skills are often no longer needed. This is a perfect example of when using a contractor is the best way to go. This can help you solve the problem quickly by bringing in the right professional, as well as saving you money due to not having to create a new permanent position in order to solve a one-time problem.

In this scenario, you will also spare your in-house IT team from having to learn a specialised new skill which they may never have to use again, thus saving you money on unnecessary and unwanted training. Which is why…

Contractors can actually save you money

As mentioned above, using a contractor on a specialised project will save you from having to bring in an unnecessary full-time hire, however they can save your business money in other ways as well.

Many contractors charge by the hour, meaning you will only pay for the work you are getting and will not be overcharged. Contractors also do not require money to be spent on benefits including holiday pay and training.

Furthermore, contractors and freelancers, by nature, often work fastidiously and quickly in order to finish the job fast so they can move on to the next one. This often means the task you set them will be completed faster than expected, allowing you to close the contract early and stay within your budget.

The process of finding an IT contractor has become much easier in recent years thanks to recruitment companies, which again save you money and time by finding the right contractor for your IT projects. Recruitment websites such as Lynx Pro have thousands of IT specialists on their books and coordinate the finding and hiring process between contractors and businesses looking for short-term talent.

Contractors fit the changing nature of the IT workforce

As the office-work environment grows and evolves, more and more professionals are choosing to work remotely and to use their skills across multiple projects and clients. Businesses are being forced to take a more agile approach to their work, particularly in the IT and tech department. New ideas and fresh perspectives are constantly needed in order for a company to keep the edge over its competitors.

Thankfully, the growing tech and IT industry has led many workers in this field to develop specialised skills, meaning almost any IT issue can be solved if you find the right contractor. Most large cities and towns have a growing pool of IT contractors that can fulfil the needs of any business in this manner.

The contractor industry, or ‘gig economy’ as it is sometimes known, is steadily growing, with a report from Upwork claiming that 46% of Generation Z are now working freelancers.

This of course is a massive benefit to any business looking for the best talent available to help with their IT and tech issues. This huge resource of contractors, particularly in the IT field, means that businesses are able to move in any direction they wish, confident that they will be able to find the right IT contractor to help them with their business objectives.

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