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When do you get Uber promo codes?

by John Saunders
26th Apr 19 1:19 pm

Uber makes it possible for you to enjoy a journey with easy payment, low costs, and excellent service. Other than promo codes, there are several other perks you get when using this app: 4 % rewards on dining, $100 visa credit card gift, pre-tax dollar savings, $200 in free credits, and Express POOL co-operation.

Download the app, Get a promo code

Everyone enjoys a good deal. And Uber knows exactly that the company offers attractive promo codes that are rare to find in other rideshare applications. However, these codes are only meant for new users. The company is giving out tons of free credits and 2019 Uber promo codes for new users. So, what are you still waiting for? Download the app, Sign up, enter the code, and claim your free ride credit.

Free rides are incredibly amazing, but there’s a catch. Already claimed your code? Relax, there are still some things you can do to earn free ride credit as an existing user. They’re unique and practical. And they’ll definitely work like crazy.

Use the right credit card

Uber gives you the freedom to choose from numerous payment methods, which you can use to pay your fare. And through the company’s ridesharing channel relationship with these credit card brands, it’s possible to earn significant rewards. Some of the credit cards you should seriously consider include the American Express Card, Uber Visa Card, and City Double Cash.

Choosing City Double Cash to pay for your UberPOOL rides, for instance, can attract about 8 bonus trips worth $15 each. What this means is that you’ll pay $15 less on your next ride. However, it’s important to note that this offer is only applicable to UberPool, not other Uber Eats.

Invite your friends and family

If you refer a friend or family member to Uber and after downloading the app they enter your code, you’ll both win a free ride credit, which will be sent to your accounts.

And when your friend sets off for their first ride, hop in the car and travel with them. Remember, a free or discounted ride for them means an absolutely free ride for you.

Make your referral code visible to everyone

To leverage the most out of the Uber program, consider sharing your code on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram or even in your mobile contacts. Do it on Friday afternoon and earn more promo codes.

Though Uber gives its users the freedom to share their offer codes through an extensive range of platforms, paid search isn’t one of them. So, void sharing your code on Google ads and social media ads as this could lead to huge penalties.

Build powerful street teams

Hit those streets with promo cards, coasters as well as posters. Give out as many promotional cards as you can. People who need free rides will definitely use your referral code and this will earn you more Uber credits.


Travelling has never been this easy. With Uber, you can now access tons of incentives- from promo codes to free ride credits, the company has got you covered. Download the app and enter the code in the payment section to get your first-time free ride. If you’re an existing user, consider inviting more and more friends to Uber and win yourself significant rewards.

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