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What your next move should be after receiving a Virginia traffic ticket

by John Saunders
19th Mar 19 8:34 am

Lots of people wouldn’t even think twice about getting a speeding ticket. But if you’re driving in Virginia, you should think twice since what you believe is a regular speeding ticket can turn out to be misdemeanor.

The state of Virginia does not take traffic violations lightly, and neither should you. That speeding ticket can turn out to be a misdemeanor as it might be classified as RD (reckless driving) and may carry a severe punishment if you are going 20+ in an 80 mph zone.

In theory, some fines can go up to $2500. Though these are rarely implemented, the average fine for a RD is $350, while a speeding ticket is $250.

So now that you know some of these facts, if you do get pulled over, here are some things that you need to do.

Check if it’s a RD ticket

If you get pulled over, sometimes an officer may only write down on your ticket RD without telling you. Check if RD is written on your ticket or not. If it’s not then it’s a speeding ticket only; not much better but it’s not a misdemeanor. You can either pay your ticket online or plea bargain in court to lessen the charges. But if RD is written, your next plan of action will differ and be more serious.

Beware of any on the spot payments

You might be offered to pay on the spot in some counties. Paying is an admittance of guilt and you will be charged with a misdemeanor and it will go down on your record. So this is a serious issue and you need to know the law and be sure of your rights and exercise them.

Contact a professional

In these types of cases you will be summoned to court where you will state your plea. From what you’ve read so far, you can see the situation is not easy and because it’s a misdemeanor, under Virginia law this is never erased from your record. The best thing you can do for yourself is to contact a Virginia reckless driving lawyer. A capable lawyer will be able to handle the case and knows the law better than we do.

Demerit points

The demerit system are points that accumulate on you any time you commit a traffic violation. When you get your driver’s license the first time, you start with a clean slate. With too many points within a certain period of time, you might be prohibited to drive.  Virginia law grants you one counterpoint for every year that goes by without violations, but a RD ticket already accumulates 4 driving points.

Drive safe!

Putting your safety and the safety of others always comes first. Yet, if you do get a serious traffic violation ticket, you want a professional to handle it. No one wants to pay a heavy fine, or have their driving privilege taken away. You don’t have to when a lawyer will explain to you your rights and help you when you need it most.

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