Home Business News Putin ‘could lead world to obliteration’ and Russian advisor warns potential attacks could ‘kill a lot of people in Western countries’

Putin ‘could lead world to obliteration’ and Russian advisor warns potential attacks could ‘kill a lot of people in Western countries’

21st Sep 22 4:06 pm

There has been many apocalyptic warnings coming out of Russia on Wednesday and the former head of the Royal Navy Admiral Lord West has given a chilling warning that there is “very real risk” Vladimir Putin could revert to using nuclear weapons.

Lord Alan West explained that the war in Ukraine has “gone very, very wrong” for Putin and he expressed “concern” Putin’s actions “could lead to world obliteration.”

This comes after the Russian President announced a partial mobilisation of 300,000 reservists which is the largest Russia have ever mobilised since World War Two.

Sergei Markov, a former member of the Russian State Duma [Parliament] and a close advisor to Putin, told the BBC’s Today programme that Putin has made it  crystal “clear,” he is ready to use his nuclear arsenal against the West, which includes an attack “against Great Britain.”

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Markov the US President Joe Biden, the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and now Liz Truss could be the ones to blame for nuclear war because of their “crazy behaviour” over the war in Ukraine.

Markov said,“When Great Britain continues to be the aggressor against Russia, if the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Liz Truss, still has the plan to destroy Russia, people in London should understand this threat comes from Liz Truss, who is the aggressor.

“Now we are liberating Ukraine from your British-American occupation… You support nuclear terrorism.”

He acknowledged that nuclear attacks will “kill a lot of people in Western countries,” but then went on to say that Russia “has no reason” to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainians.

He added, “Ukrainians are our brothers, but Ukraine is occupied by Western countries who make a proxy army from Ukrainians and it’s Western countries fighting against the Russian army using Ukrainian soldiers as their slaves.

“Russia does not want everybody in the world to die, but what Russia wants is to solve this war with Western countries conducted against Russia on Ukrainian territory which Western countries in fact occupy.”

Lord West told MailOnline, “There is a very real risk he might use tactical nuclear weapons if he thinks things have gone very, very wrong.

“This could lead to world obliteration. I think we are not nearly there yet. But the danger is once things start going wrong It becomes a slippery slope.”

Lord West fears that if Ukraine continues to make gains against with its Blitzkrieg-style counter-offensive, then it is likely Putin would pull the trigger as a last-ditch tactic to stop Kyiv’s forces.

He added, “We have to be robust. We have to make it very clear that this nuclear weapon sabre-rattling is extremely dangerous.

“During the Cold War things were more predictable. People were rational. There were hotlines directly to Russia to avoid mistakes.

“My worry is I don’t believe Putin is behaving rationally. He thinks he is. But he isn’t. Everything is going wrong. He has been cornered.”

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