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Ways for getting a part-time job while at university

by John Saunders
27th Mar 19 10:04 am

Whether you agree or not, University is expensive, when you include the tuition price, notes, textbooks and extracurricular activities. And if you lodge your payments a bit longer, it may add up to a heavy amount. This is where a lot of students decide opting for a part-time job. It is undeniably one of the most convenient options to help students make ends meet.

Not only does it enable students bear the financial expenses but also teaches them valuable time and money management skills. A recent survey conducted by Citi and Seventeen Magazine found four out of five students in the US (including traditional colleges, high schools, online colleges and community colleges) choose to work to  financially support their academic needs.

That is to say, there is nothing wrong with doing a part-time job if you think it might help you pay your student loan. However, getting a job can be a daunting process if this is your first time. Don’t panic, as we enumerate some amazing tips that can help you find perfect part-time job opportunities.

Tips to find the perfect part-time job while at university

Search for all part-time vacancies

You cannot start until you begin searching for part-time jobs. This is the first step before you apply for a job. Find vacancies through newspaper, social media ads, and personal sources. The career team at your university can be a good option to start with. These vacancies are often available on the website of careers service page. You can apply from there or even visit them if you have time. Go through all the job listing options in your vicinity you think are reliable. If you feel that you are overloaded with tasks, refer to professional dissertation help.

Make your resume with a cover letter

Your resume is your first impression so you have to design it in a way that it reflects your professional and personal skills. Once you find an opportunity that suits your job criteria and is worthy enough to apply, you need to update your CV. Make sure to design it professionally by mentioning the role you want to apply for. Add details if you have experience of working in a similar domain before.

Prepare a cover letter that explains why you can be a suitable candidate for this job. Also, how the company and its prospect can add to your experience. Your CV and cover letter can really make a huge difference when it comes to short listing employees. So, you need to invest some time when updating it. We recommend you taking the services of professional CV writers to help you prepare the best possible resume.

No experience necessary

Since you are applying for a part-time job, you can get the position even if you don’t have relevant practical experience. Most of the employers who require part-time employees are not looking for experienced employees but for dedicated, dynamic and passionate students who can learn and perform at the same time. If you have good communication skills, can participate in teams, and have transferable skills, never hesitate to apply for a job.

Leverage your personal network

As mentioned earlier, it’s not only professional websites that can help you get your desired job but your personal contacts can benefit also. Ask your friends, family and personal connections that might help you connect with a potential employer.

Visiting nearby shops, hotels, and restaurants is also a good idea, especially if you are new in any state. Leave your resume or try to meet the employer to inform them about your skills.

Visit recruitment agencies

A recruitment agency may feel like a matchmaking service but it can be helpful in finding the part-time job you are looking for. The recruitment agencies work with a database of various positions in different organizations waiting for the right candidates. However, be vigilant to select a reliable and renowned agency service to prevent scams.

Bottom line

To a small extent, getting a part-time job that suits your university timings and pays you enough to cover your expenses is not challenging if you follow the right steps. All you need is to try out all your avenues, from searching online to using social media platforms and personal network.

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