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Water: revitalised in the workplace

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5th Aug 19 9:08 am

Water: the fundamental, critical lifeblood of humanity. Not only does it sustain us, it is the natural source of health and vitality; its specific benefits are incalculable, but it helps one everyone stay focused, motivated and energised. Of course, then, a sufficient supply of water is a must in any workplace, in order to keep your workforce at optimum performance and engagement. For whatever your needs, for whatever type of business, visit Eden Springs for their plethora of equipment and accessories to suit your requirements.

For 20 years Eden Springs have been committed to their cause, and have benefitted in excess of 800,000 European companies. This pedigree and reputation have made Eden Springs officially the leader in water cooler supplying market in Europe; they offer a varied range of products: from bottled water coolers, dispensers, filtration technology and many more. Notably Eden Springs are capable of either a quick installation, or a national delivery to multiple outlets—meaning whether your business is big or small, and wherever the office(s) may be, you have found the solution.

Eden Springs offer the first four months free on a variety of their products: the fleet desktop, Eden EBAC FMAX, Storm, and Oasis Graphite. Of course there may be circumstances which prevent access to natural bottled water; however if you have access to the mains then mains-fed water coolers are an ideal solution. Filtering water can provide all the benefits with less hassle, as sometimes harmful substances can slip through into the pipes; you can drink and hydrate assured that bacteria, dirt, odour, unwanted flavour and chlorine will be eliminated. This system is evidently ideal for those who live and/or work in an area where the water is of a lesser quality, but even if this does not directly apply to you then Eden Springs enhance your existing supply to mineral-levels.

In an aeon where we must all reduce our impact upon the planet, various accessories and accompanying products are completely eco-friendly and made from recycled material. An 18.5 litre water bottles, for instance, may usually be the source of some guilt, given that you’re introducing plastic; with Eden Springs, though, they can be reused up to fifty times, with delivery whenever is convenient and required for you. Furthermore their selection of refillable water bottles and compostable paper cups are the ideal way to get the best out of your newfound supply of water. It is imperative to recognise that Eden Springs is a Carbon Neutral Company, and thus they are an organisation which improves your life—without damaging the planet in order to do so.

Their water sources are meticulously and regularly checked, ensuring a consistent product and a standard of the utmost quality. With a multitude of discounts, on both their water and coffee equipment, available throughout the year, Eden Springs are challenging nature and demanding even better for you. So often water can be overlooked in our busy everyday lives; but it is one of the few fundamental resources we must protect; and when you want the highest quality, naturally its from Eden Springs.

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