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Want to be the next Amazon? Focus on your product packaging!

by LLB Editor
17th Jan 13 12:00 am

Packaging is the most underrataed way to make retail work

It is often the case that start-ups have very little spare money, but new online retail businesses really should set aside a significant budget to invest in high quality packaging materials. As shoppers move away from the high street and spend more capital online, packaging for internet retailers is more important than ever in regards to both branding, and consumer conviction.

Let’s ignore the branding aspect for a moment, and focus first on the basic consideration of consumer trust. Low quality packing not only gives a poor impression and uncaring business image, but the potential receipt of damaged goods is sure to repel repeat custom too.

Customers need to know the goods they order will arrive safely, and so investing in decent cardboard boxes, sealing tape, and other related resources is essential. Investing in bulk will help to ensure consistency between all parcels a company sends. While consumers will not need to worry that one order may arrive in pristine condition, another may be dishevelled because it was sent in an inferior box/padded envelope/shipping container.

You may now be thinking online retailers need to invest in more costly, triple-walled boxes to send all of their goods. But, it isn’t necessarily so! Standard single-wall boxes often suffice if selected and packed well. Choosing the right packaging for the items being sent shows customers you understand the products in your catalogue, inspiring confidence in turn.

Once businesses are sure their items have the very best chance of arriving safely, branding should be considered.

Ideally, customers should instantly recognise the company which sends a package even before it’s opened. Would Amazon.co.uk, Play.com or Graze.com ever be successful if you didn’t recognise the branding on their package? These heavily-branded examples can often be conversation starters. You can hear many a people saying, “Oooh, what have you purchased from Amazon then?”. It’s the packaging that lures friends who are unconsciously drawn to spend money on the same product you bought.

While arranging to have company insignias printed directly on a business’ packaging materials can prove costly, effective branding can be achieved at a more reasonable cost thanks to more affordable materials such as custom-printed sealing tapes, and promotional address and returns labels.

Businesses using polypropylene tapes professionally printed with their logo to complete package sealing, and the branding is nailed in one single step. Custom premium vinyl PVC tape meanwhile it can cost a few more pence per roll, but it is a wise choice for those sealing boxes containing heavier items, due to comparatively higher strength.

Branded labels are cost-effective and can be attractive, but it should be noted the application of such could potentially lengthen the time it takes for a business to complete packing procedures each day, if efficient packaging and/or labelling machinery is not employed.

In the same way some businesses will employ meeting rooms from virtual office services to appear more successful, package branding in any form is important for new businesses, since such will give the impression the venture is already established, helping to inspire additional business. Sending out parcels messily hand-sealed and/or addressed with the scrawl of a pen could make the company in question appear amateurish.

Of course, the main benefit of planning a company’s signature packaging during a business’ infancy is that buying in bulk can see much money saved in the long-run. Special discounts are provided by B2B packaging specialists such as Kite Packaging, when large volume orders are placed.

Kite Packaging not only provides the above-mentioned custom printed materials, but can also supply businesses with a wide range of other, bespoke packaging solutions to meet their individual needs. Check out www.kitepackaging.co.uk for more information.  

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