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Understanding what to look for in a software for your salon business

by John Saunders
14th Mar 19 12:22 pm

Managing a reputed salon or spa business is indeed a challenging task as you have to deal with the customers who enter your place with certain technological expectations in their minds. The hiking rate of awareness about the vitality of wellness therapies paired with the improvements brought by technology is what paves an evident path for the tremendous growth of salon business.

However, it becomes crucial to employ several advanced measures that can ease the way you maintain a tranquil and soothing environment in your beauty salon. This article reflects some essentials to ensure when you are planning to use a salon software.

Assess the complexity of the software

User-friendliness should top your list while considering a software solution for your beauty salon as this will be a significant contributor to the extent up to which you can retain your customers. Your aim should be to provide them with a convenient platform that doesn’t seem too complicated to make use of. This can be done by ensuring simple steps using which your customers will be able to make their bookings online on your website or app. Enabling your clients to make an advance payment right after booking an online appointment might reduce their hassle of having to carry cash while visiting your salon.

Consider the extent of ease of maintenance

A salon software should enable you to deal with the management in a stress-free manner by providing you a detailed insight of your business. You should wisely go with a salon software that lets you keep track of your employees, inventory and customer appointments seamlessly. Going for specialists from Versum can curb situations that arise due to mismanagement as you can handle various email campaigns along with keeping an eye on the statistics regarding employee effectiveness. Such software can only benefit your salon business if it aims at maximising the automation in the work environment.

Ensure the security of user data

You can ensure favourable chances of your customers repeating their visits by providing them with trust regarding their personal data. Your salon software should not miss out on storing transaction details and other crucial information of your clients in an encrypted manner. Putting the security of your customers on stake can never turn out to be a wise idea, so be proactive about the security measures incorporated in your software.

Check whether the software facilitates marketing

Perhaps the most technology-driven instance in hospitality and beauty sectors is the tremendous growth of chatbots and social media campaigns. It’s thoughtful to go with a salon software that can be there for you when you need to showcase yourself as a viable brand on these platforms. Staying connected with your previous customers becomes seamless when your software focuses on enhancing social media reach. This will not only elevate the chances of booking but also project you as a brand that connects with its customers.

Takeaway: When a customer leaves your spa with a smile on their face and a lighter mood, it’s when you have succeeded as a business. So, when everyone is busy laying down plans for automation, it’s time for you to not lag in the game and give your salon a refreshed atmosphere.

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