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Ukrainian spymaster warns frontlines are ‘on the edge’ as Russia gains more territory

15th May 24 8:40 am

The Ukrainian intelligence chief has warned that the frontlines are “on the edge” as Russia is making more territorial gains.

Krill Budanov warned during an interview with the New York Times that “every hour this situation moves toward critical” on the battlefield for Ukrainian troops.

Russian forces are continuing to seize more land and villages in the northern areas of Kharkiv region after Vladimir Putin ordered the offensive last Friday.

Budanov who is the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (GUR) told the outlet that Moscow is intending to stretch Ukrainian forces so they can find a weak point in the defences to capture Chasov Yar.

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Ukraine’s spymaster believes that they can stabilise the situation on the front and Kyiv’s military have acknowledged Russia’s “tactical successes.”

Budanov has said that within days Russia next move is likely in the Sumy region some 150km northwest of Kharkiv.

Denis Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian commander said, “The first line of fortifications and mines just didn’t exist.

“We came to the conclusion that this was either deliberate theft or deliberate sabotage.”

On 12 May the Russian Defence Ministry said that their forces have captured another four villages within 24 hours in the Kharkiv region.

The Ministry said in a statement,
The units of the Sever Group of Forces advanced deep into the enemy’s defensive and liberated the settlements of Gatishche, Krasnoye, Morokhovets, and Oleynikovo in the Kharkov region.”

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