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Ukraine to receive MiG-29 fighter jets ‘within the next few days’ from the first NATO country ready for combat, risking a proxy war

16th Mar 23 4:20 pm

Poland have announced that they will send MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine “within the next few days” and they are currently “being prepared and serviced” ready for combat missions against Russian forces.

The Police President Andrzje Duda said on Thursday, “Firstly, literally within the next few days, we will hand over, as far as I remember, four aircraft to Ukraine in full working order.”

Poland will become the first NATO country to have sent fighter aircraft to help President Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces in their fight against Moscow’s forces.

Slovakia has also pledged to send Soviet era MiG warplanes to Ukraine, however there are concerns that by sending in the high tech planes could escalate the conflict and Moscow will most likely view this as NATO entering the war by proxy.

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Russia’s former President Dmitry Medvedev warned that “our enemies” goals will lead to a “loss for everyone” and a “collapse” and an “apocalypse.”

Medvedev said that “pumping in of weapons” to Kyiv has stopped any “possibility of reviving negotiations” and seriously risks a global nuclear catastrophe.

Medvedev who is the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia added, “Our enemies are doing just that, not wanting to understand that their goals will certainly lead to a total fiasco.”

He warned, “Loss for everyone. A collapse. Apocalypse. Where you forget for centuries about your former life, until the rubble ceases to emit radiation.”

Putin said that Russia has no choice but to take into account NATO’s “nuclear capabilities” because he believes the West wants to liquidate Russia.

Ukrainian intelligence has warned that Putin has placed Russia’s strategic nuclear forces to their “highest level of combat readiness” and that Moscow has already started “large-scale” nuclear exercises.

Russia are preparing “components of the strategic nuclear forces for the launch of sea and land-based ballistic missiles,” who are carrying out “a check of the centralised combat control system of the Russian Air Force ‘Monolith’.”

During the EU meeting of Defence Ministers, which was held in Stockholm last week, the two countries had made their agreement as the war in Ukraine is “inhumane” and it would be “irresponsible” not to.

Slovak Minister of Defence Jaroslav Nad has said that Poland have expressed their readiness to transfer the fighter jets.

Last week the Slovak Defence Minister wrote, “At a meeting of the ministers of defense of EU member states on Wednesday in Sweden, a Polish colleague confirmed that his country would agree with the joint progress of Slovakia and Poland in handing over the redundant MiG-29s of both countries to Ukraine.”

He added that the President of Poland confirmed in an interview with CNN their readiness to act.

He added, “I think it’s time to make a decision. People in Ukraine are dying, we can really help them, there is no room for Slovak politicisation.

“This is inhumane and irresponsible.”

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