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‘Ukraine is bleeding out’ and ‘will fall’ as the front faces ‘total collapse’

18th Apr 24 2:55 pm

The US are constantly delaying vital ammunition and weaponry for Ukraine and Ukrainian troops are now outgunned by 20 to 1 as Russian troops are rapidly advancing.

Officials in Kyiv have warned the West and Washington that World War Three is more and more likely every day, but they are not listening.

The West has been warned that Ukraine is “bleeding out” and troops are warning officials in Kyiv that they are gravely outgunned, running low on ammunition and have few troops left and feel abandoned by the US.

A US general with more than 37 years in the American military has warned that Ukraine will fall into Vladimir Putin’s hands within a “matter of weeks.”

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Commander General Christopher Cavoli warned that Russian forces are about to overrun Ukrainian troops as they have hardly any ammunition or weapons left.

The US Congress failure to supply Ukraine with military aid means that Washington is handing Putin a victory as the Russian army has the initiative on the frontlines.

A journalist based in Ukraine, Oz Katerji, wrote on X, “I embedded with an artillery brigade on the frontlines of Europe.

“What I saw there should terrify Western leaders.

“Ukraine is bleeding out, and without immediate ammunition deliveries the total collapse of the eastern front is at risk.”

In a story for Foreign Policy he spoke with Ukrainian troops on the front, Oleh who is a tank driver, said, “We listen to their suffering, and we feel useless.

“These politicians should come and fight alongside me. Then they will see for themselves.

“If we don’t fight them back, then NATO will be left to fight Russia.”

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyal said they urgently need “this money yesterday, not tomorrow, not today.

Speaking to the BBC in Washington DC on Wednesday, Shmyhal warned, “If we will not protect.

“Ukraine will fall. So the global, the global system of security will be destroyed… and all the world will need to find… a new system of security.

“Or, there will be many conflicts, many such kinds of wars, and in the end of the day, it could lead to the Third World War.”

Commander General Cavoli warned, f we do not continue to support Ukraine, it will run out of artillery shells and will run out of air defence interceptors in fairly short order,” the General said.

“I can’t predict the future, but I can do simple math,” he added.

Based on my experience in 37-plus years in the U.S. military, if one side can shoot and the other side can’t shoot back, the side that can’t shoot back loses.

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