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Ukraine set to receive warships to help with the critical Black Sea ‘grain corridor’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Nov 23 3:34 pm

Ukraine are set to receive warships from partner countries to provide enhanced security for the safety of cargo vessels sailing through the Black Sea “grain corridor.”

Partner countries have committed to transfer the warships to help vessel navigate through the Black Sea.

President Zelensky said, “We have reached agreements with our partners and will provide sea escorts to ensure the safety of ships.”

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As a result the Odesa region which has been subject to massive Russian missile attacks will then receive better protection as additional air defense systems will deployed.

President Zelensky said, “A very specific request has already been sent to the partners, and I can say that it has already been agreed.

The Kyiv Post reported that Zelensky added, “Soon this region will be protected by a very powerful air defense. Not only the ships are important to us, but also the people living there.

“Because there the corridor is important, and our people. Our people in Odesa region are important to us, very important. There is a shortage of air defense, you know this, this is not a secret, but nevertheless.

“There is a very specific required number of systems and very specific names. This request [for systems] exists. I’ll tell you frankly, the answer is positive – when these systems begin to protect that region.

“That is, it is important that there is an agreement, there is a positive signal, the corridor is working. And we will increase the volume and security in Odesa region.”

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