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UK among countries most interested in gold price

by LLB Editor
23rd Jul 21 7:41 am

In the backdrop of a turbulent economy caused largely by Covid-19, many individuals are looking to add an element of stability to their investment portfolio and to do so, gold has emerged as a popular investment option.

Interested in alternative investments, gold bar specialists PhysicalGold.com utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to establish which countries citizens are most keeping a track of gold price.

PhysicalGold.com found that India is in the number one spot, with an astonishing average of 3,720,600 online searches per month from Indians trying to discover what the gold price is. That is the equivalent of 120,019 online searches each day.

In second place is the United States, as there is an average of 2,506,000 online searches a month from Americans keen to find out what the gold price is. United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in third place with an average of 521,000 online searches every month from curious Emiratis regarding the price of gold.

In fourth place is United Kingdom, as there are an average 519,300 online searches a month from Brits checking the price of gold.  In the context of internet users, this is the equivalent of 7.98 online searches each month for gold price per 1,000 active internet users in the UK.

Dan Fisher, a gold specialist from PhysicalGold.com, said: “Gold is unlike volatile asset classes that generate quick returns, it has always been a steady investment vehicle that can deliver solid returns as a medium to long-term investment. Gold investing is unique as the price tends to increase when many other asset classes such as stocks and bonds fall, so it provides a good balance to your investment portfolio.

“The idea behind gold investment is that the underlying value of gold increases over time. Historically this rate of increase is higher than inflation, so the value of your investment increases in real terms. Investing in gold can take the form of physical bar and coins, gold equity funds, mining shares or exchange-traded funds (ETFs)”.

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