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Uber's minimum wage row heats up ahead of ruling in London

28th Oct 16 10:22 am

What’s going to happen?

A case accusing Uber of failing to pay its workers minimum wage along with sick and holiday pay is set to be heard in an employment tribunal today.

The claims, which were brought by two Uber drivers, was denied by Uber who said its 40,000 are self-employed – meaning they are not entitled to these benefits.

“This case represents the first proper legal review of whether jobs in this part of the so-called gig economy really represent a new paradigm of freedom and self-employment, or in fact are simply a new technology ploy to deny employed workers ordinary employment rights and a national minimum wage,” says Maria Ludkin, legal director at the GMB

“In our view Uber’s business model is underpinned by the shaky foundations of worker exploitation and tax avoidance, both of which end up being underwritten by the ordinary taxpayer.”

Jason Moyer-Lee, leader of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, said: “The so-called gig economy is a euphemism for exploitation.

“It’s basically a model that big profit-making companies have developed where they have realised, for the most part, they can get away with having lots of workers who work for them, often exclusively, and help them make their profits.

“But they don’t provide these people with the minimum wage, holiday and sick pay or pensions and everything that workers across the country have come to take for granted.”

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